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By Basit AliPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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“Nuncle give me an egg, I’ll give you two crowns”

These are the famous lines, spoken by the FOOL, an outstanding and the wisest character of the play KING LEAR written by SHAKESPEARE.

Dear readers, you will be thinking about the terms, totally opposite in value and worth. You are right. Absolutely right, both the terms are completely opposite in worth and value.

But something is more valuable, more worthwhile and more necessary or indispensable in human life. I mean to say, HUMAN CHARACTER, HUMAN WISDOM,HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS AND SOCIAL RESPECTABILITY.

Human life is more worthy in value than any material valuable.

That is the lesson that any human gets and must get by reading these lines spoken by the famous FOOL of SHAKESPEARE in KING LEAR.

King Lear, was an old man, having a large and vast kingdom. He was very much fond of being praised. One day he decides to divide his kingdom among his three young daughters, because he has no son. He announced that whichever daughter will do more praise will get more reward from my kingdom.

Now the matter is that his two daughters are greedy and characterless. They never cared about their father.He was just a king form them. But the third youngest daughter is the real daughter.

In short, the greedy daughters won the competition, and won the whole kingdom in equal parts, and the third daughter was rejected and punished for her seriousness and sincerity.

The result is the king had become the penniless beggar. That’s why he had lost his senses. Now he was alone with his royal FOOL.

At this moment, at the peak of King’s mental disorder, The FOOL draws the actual picture of King’s folly, but with the wise words mentioned above to restore his senses, mentoring him that your life, your senses, your health and your peace of mind is more valuable than the CROWN and KINGDOM.

My dear and respectable readers, the lesson for us is that we should and must consider that the value of our own self is more than any other worldly pursuit.

If we exist and are safe with peace of mind and body, then everything exists and is valuable for us.

Each and every one of us knows very well that in this digital age how blindly we are running after worldly wealth and progress. We are spending our own valuable selves just in this blind race. And we come to senses only when the time has passed and nothing in hand we have except remorse and repentance.

My valuable readers, please read the story with the eyes of your heart, I mean to say your inner eyes must be partnered with the eyes of your head to feel and understand the real worth of the article.

Another sparkling lesson is that the character and role of FOOL shows the real value of friendship and relationships whatever may be the relationship.

A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED. FOOL proves this statement and aphorism in its true sense;As a true friend is always with his friend whether through thick and thin. Whatever may be the situation, whatever may be the circumstances,true friend never leaves you alone. He is always with you in you and out you.

 In short, we can derive many lessons, to enlighten our lives, from this statement quoted by the SHAKESPEARE, through the mouth of FOOL.

And last but not least, please comment about your opinion and suggestion.

I am waiting. Thanks.

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