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My Husband Says He Wants A Divorce Then Changed His Mind (My Husband Changed His Mind All The Time)

Are you stuck in a marriage, scratching your head in wonderment, saying my husband says he wants a divorce then changed his mind? If you're in this position and you're worried about why he suddenly changed his mind, then you really need to pay special attention right now. This happens to a lot of marriages and frankly there's usually one main reason that causes you to be in a position where you're saying my husband changed his mind all the time.

By Diego IvanPublished 2 years ago 5 min read

Does your husband still love you? It's a difficult question for many women to answer after they've been married for several years. Gone are the days when your husband would bring you home roses for no reason, or surprise you by cooking your favorite meal. Those things have now been replaced by a feeling that you're being taken for granted and he just doesn't appreciate you anymore. If that's exactly what's been happening in your relationship, it's time to make a change. If you love your husband and you want to feel that he utterly adores you, there are steps that you can take, beginning today, to completely transform the dynamic between you two.

If your husband says he doesn't love you anymore you're obviously going to start feeling as though there is no hope for the relationship. Many men will tell their wives that even though they aren't in love with them anymore, they still love them. Emotions can get easily muddled and typically what a man means when he says this is that he doesn't feel that passion and spark he once felt for you. You need to always keep in mind that at one time he was crazy about you.

It's that feeling that you need to reawaken in him and one way to do that is to start being more attentive to his needs. If a man feels as though his wife is taking him for granted, he's going to treat her exactly the same way. Make an effort each day to do things to show him how much you value and appreciate him as a partner. This may mean planning a nice evening out for the two of you or going out of your way to pick up his favorite take out. Even the smallest gesture can start to turn the dynamic of a relationship around.

You've also got to impress him all over again. Men want to be with women who are passionate, driven and caring. He already knows you're a great mother but you need to show him that there's much more to you than that. Start following your own passions. Show him that you're still the dynamic, exciting and confident woman he fell in love with. If your husband sees qualities in you that make him proud, he's going to feel his heart start to open up all over again.

3 Tips To Fix Your Marriage

It's a fact of life: no marriage is ever smooth from start to finish. If you're in one that is, then consider yourself very lucky because that's not a very common occurrence. The thing is, people reach a point in a marriage that makes them feel like they're over-saturated with the other. When this happens, fights seem to break out every day, and it begins to get harder and harder to agree, even on the really simple things.

The good news is that this is just a phase that you will eventually pass as a couple. The bad news is that some don't actually make it because this period in the marriage was too much and the bond that was there just wasn't strong enough to hold the couple together.

If you find yourself currently in this rough patch, then don't fret. Things might feel like a mess right now but there are some things that you can do to make things better during this period.

1. Spice Up Your Marriage

The reason why a lot of couples seem to get "stuck" is because of the routines. It's inevitable because couples will begin to stick to one if they've been together for a long time. So what you can do to somehow change things around is by getting away from the norm. Do something different. Stop staying in and go out for a change. Go on couple events, especially if you've got friends to double or triple with. Breaking the routine will seem like you're doing some completely new things even if you've tried doing them before.

2. Communicate All The Time

One reason why some couples get into fights is because of misunderstandings. When you're unsure about something, ask. When something is bothering you, talk about it. Keeping things to yourself with the reason of wanting to avoid a fight or argument will do more harm than good because these will begin to eat you up on the inside. They can also make you really upset and affect how you treat your partner in the end. Talking about it, on the other hand, will actually help you express your concerns in a healthy way and get them resolved as soon as possible.

3. Make Time For Each Other

Sometimes life gets so busy that you find yourself chasing after time just to accomplish your deadlines. Sadly, the marriage often gets neglected because of work and other less important commitments. One word of advice: don't let this happen to you. Make time for each other always, even though your schedule is completely crammed. Your partner is the one you're going home to at night, not your work, so if you can, leave the office stuff at the office.

Sometimes, change is good. It can bring something new to a marriage that's been steady and consistent for the past few years or so. That can make things stale and boring and few people want to stick to something like that, right? So change things around a little. It will be good for you as a couple and as individuals once you do so.

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