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Everyone Hates Rivas

by Triple Decker Sandwich 5 years ago in humanity / social media
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Which is fine. Rivas loves Castro.

I get knocked down, but I get up again. Fun Fact: Wore that shirt yesterday, RIP Mitch. Skip to 1 Minute in if you're time squeezed. 

I make no excuses and I speak for no one besides myself. I pull no punches and I look myself in the mirror yesterday and tomorrow. I've had to live like that, and I can't not at this point. It hasn't always been so successful and I haven't always liked or respected myself. Only Mitch Hedberg can judge me, and he hasn't been around for quite some time.

At a certain point, I think we all decide who we're out here for. The lifestyle I've led in the past, I was always concerned with how other people felt—I'm not like that anymore. I renounced my mission to change people's minds, and I don't think I accomplished much in the 20+ years I tried.

Ironically, I've been a much better person since I came to that conclusion and decided to make that change. I have the capacity to be a better lover now than I ever have in the past, have more self-control than I ever thought I'd have. I still put others first, but I don't get mad anymore. I guess that's the difference. I protest more now too. Fuck the police.

The two most important women in my life have been a girl I dated and my grandmother. Something they have in common is that they spend more time and capital helping others than they do themselves. My grandmother has been fortunate to live a charmed life, and I have no doubt it's a result of that attitude and that generosity. I guess I lied when I said I act and speak only for me, I do it for her too. The gift I will give her is the peace of mind that comes with knowing good will come from her time, the world will see positivity from the love she shared. I'm gonna do real good in her name. I don't know how, but I know it. I promise. Bet.

In a perfect world, I end up with an incredible woman I've written about (a number of times actually, I don't put everything I publish on Facebook, check the author page) despite all the shit. I don't expect it, but I've seen some strange shit in my life. I just hope that whatever happens, she ends up with someone that deserves her and I end up joining a radical left wing group, becoming famous, destroying the prison industrial complex and liberating the working class. Pull a Castro.

That'd be tight.

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