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Dear Heather

No Challenge Needed

By Dana CrandellPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 3 min read
©Dana O. Crandell

Author's Note: This story is NOT for Heather Hubler's "Write me a letter" challenge. It's a third entry, so it's not eligible, and I don't want it to be. The explanation is in the story. Because you might be interested in checking out the challenge, I will post a link to it:

I'd like to encourage everyone to follow that link at some point, to learn a little bit about Heather from the entries you'll find posted on the page. You may also learn a bit about what the Vocal platform can be, thanks to creators who understand the concept - and the importance of community. I'm fortunate enough to know several of those individuals, and Heather is an important member of the group, as you'll learn by reading. I'm proud to call her and those within the group my friends.


Dear Heather,

Now that I've I've squandered my two entry opportunities on a couple of goofy hillbilly letters, I can wax a bit more serious with this one that isn't eligible. Before I get into the thick of this, let me explain a couple of things about those first two letters.

This first thing is something you'll probably already know: I tend to lead with my funnybone. It's often what gets me through the day, and I sincerely hoped that a laugh would help somewhat with yours. I'm also sure that you know I didn't intend to make light of anything you've been through.

The second thing is that my addressing the letters to “Sissy” wasn't a frivolous choice. You have a way of making those around you on this platform feel at home. Welcome and comfortable, as time with family should be. Addressing you as my sister comes easy, regardless of which of my multiple personalities is doing the writing at the time. I realize a mentally challenged hillbilly sibling is probably the last thing you need, but you're probably stuck with him, along with the rest of us.

You see, even when I sat down to write those first two, it wasn't about the challenge. It was about an opportunity to reciprocate in a small way for the countless times your stories and your comments have lifted me up. Judging from the other entries I've read, I'm not the only one who's always happy to see your name come up in notifications. I'm also not the only one who didn't need any extra incentive to say so. Vocal is a nicer place because you're here.

Even when you reach out to ask for input from us, you take the time to tell us how important we are to you. So, this is simply my attempt to tell you in no uncertain terms that it's mutual.

I'm not going to try to be eloquent. I'm not going to try to be lyrical. Not because you aren't worth the effort; you certainly are. I just don't want any part of this little note to sound pretentious.

So, I'll just say this for all of the “me”s, as straightforwardly as I can: I am sorry that part of what kept you away for a while was heavy. I'm very glad for the positive things that happened while you were away. And I'm very glad to have you and Sissy back with us.


Your Boomer Brother,



Say what? Still short of the word count? Whatever shall I do? I would never stoop so low as to just write random words about nothing, to fill space. Or would I?


About the Creator

Dana Crandell

Dad, Stedpad, Grandpa, Husband, lover of Nature and dogs.

Poet, Writer, Editor, Photographer, Artist and Tech/Internet nerd. Content writer by trade. Vocal Creator by choice.

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  • Kristen Balyeat6 months ago

    Dana, this is the perfect piece. Heather is a treasure and I agree with every single word you said. Such a heartfelt piece. Well done, kind sir!

  • Hear! Hear! Well said, Dana. I second every last bit of this.

  • Hahahahahha I tend to lead with a funnybone too! Also, I agree with whatever that you've said about Heather. She's a ray of sunshine. No, make that millions of rays. No wait, that would fry us. Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Teresa Renton6 months ago

    How lovely 🥰 This letter needs no embellishments whatsoever.

  • Cathy holmes6 months ago

    Oh my. That was beautiful, and obviously straight from the heart. You're a fine man, even if you are Heather's mentally defective hillbilly bro. Btw, if you're Auntie Heather's bro, I guess that also makes you Abigail's uncle. 🤣

  • Heather Hubler6 months ago

    Oh goodness, is someone cutting onions, lol? This was such a surprise, and melted my little Sissy heart :) Thank you for sharing these thoughtful words with me!! I'm grateful and blessed for having found this wonderful community, and you're such a large part of that. Thank you, boomer bro!

  • Paul Stewart6 months ago

    Totally and completely agree with everything you've said! similary with my first entry I did funny, creepy, acrostic, self promotional nonsense nos because she doesnt deserve but just to be genuine! well said, Sir!

  • You definitely are a Great Storyteller, but That Humorous side of yours, Bro 😂💬 I am chuckling right now presuming about it, lol 😆 👍♥️💯📝Nice Job, Dana❗

  • Alex H Mittelman 6 months ago

    Great letter!

  • Donna Renee6 months ago

    Love the heart in this, Dana!

  • Hannah Moore6 months ago


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