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Cancel Culture Mob = Monty Python Mob

by Mel E. Furnish 3 months ago in humanity

Mob of Monsters vs Empathy & Common Sense

^^^^ "The Cancel Culture Mob" is today’s equivalent to this ^^^^

They find something or someone (the woman accused of being a witch) to attack, harass, and "sentence to death” by ripping apart their business, their job, their livelihood, their property, their image, their name, their family, their friends…

The knight asking all the questions and leading this mob through a ridiculous thought process is the laughable equivalent of the media, politicians, Big Tech, Disney, etc., trying to explain why they have allowed and enabled the “destruction of people” for their opinions. It is the same as the double-standards of some people who speak their thoughts but aren't canceled, censored, or fact-checked.

The hypocrisy is so blatant it is f%^&#@* pathetic.

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"Millions of Americas are struggling to pay for life's essentials right now.

Every day we see fundraisers for rent, utilities, and even groceries.

But GoFundMe was never made to be a source of support for basic needs, and it can never be a replacement for robust federal relief."

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"You know there is a problem when you have GoFundMe saying that."

While the greedy politicians worry about their money and status with their shady "House of Cards" deals, we the people are suffering. While we are busy cutting each other's throats with the ammunition of rage they give us, we are distracted by issues shoved in our faces to divide us even further, to drive us to hate one another. The more we hate and separate ourselves, the more vulnerable we become to being manipulated. The cycle of hate continues to roll so long as some are not breaking it. Break it.

Anyone who participates in the wretched and aggressive natures of cancel culture mobs is like one of these medieval peasants - everyday people full of misery and rage that the “leaders” use to misguide their anger and pain towards their poor scapegoat.

You are a problem, not the people who are merely speaking their mind, as you do.


You can't claim you are tolerant and want peace if you also dogpile and try to destroy someone for their thoughts - that's not tolerance, that’s not peace.

“How do you know she is a witch?”

“She looks like one!”

This is a perfect example of the mob trying to crucify and ruin someone over senseless reasons—appearance, beliefs, etc. Their structureless emotions drive them to insanity with absurd proof or evidence (like the carrot nose).

“Burn her anyway!”

- this can represent the pure negative emotion to just see someone else burning - so long as it is not you. So very humane! Survival of the fittest - here, it is "survival of the most egotistical."

Rowan Atkinson, actor for “Mr. Bean,” compared cancel culture to 'medieval mob looking for someone to burn' and this article touches a little further on it if you’re interested. > Read here <

Where and when will it end? When will everything be so polished over it’s not even remotely clear what it once was, almost to the point our society forgets it altogether?

Suppose you are guilty of participating in this very weak-minded hunt. Like the feeble-minded "fox hunt,” using horses and hounds to make the odds extremely unbalanced to slaughter foxes easily -- you are making yourself an enemy to real human progress.

You are "inadvertently" participating in a hateful movement to abolish anyone who disagrees, making this REVERSE-tolerance. You are now guilty of what you claimed “to set out” to destroy. Congrats, you are now your own enemy too, right?

You attack someone you’ve never met for something you didn’t see or hear them do or say yourself, "for" someone or something you've also never met. Social media is ironically bringing us together and ripping us apart simultaneously.

Say you work in customer service of some sort. When a customer gets mad and unleashes on you for no reason, for something entirely out of your control… this is a similar thing. You are that customer now. You are jumping all over someone because you believe they are in the wrong based on assumptions and accusations or because you feel you can't "get to" the person who is actually at fault, so instead, you attack the scapegoat.

Whatever happened to innocent before proven guilty and treating others how we want to be treated? Whatever happened to getting all of the facts first? Whatever happened to asking questions and learning? Whatever happened to humans just being decent humans?

It is not that hard to be nice or think twice before spewing hellfire on someone.

Like Ian McLaren said: “Let us be kind, one to another, for most of us are fighting a hard battle.”

It's been a very long day, you just finally got done with everything you needed to do; however, one customer didn't like how you didn't give them a discount. As you try to sleep that night, you suddenly are awakened by your phone blowing up. You see, you have become viral, but for all the inadequate reasons. That customer posted that you were racist and didn't give them a discount because of their skin color.

Suddenly “everyone” online has jumped all over this and share it, saying horrible things, wishing you would die, wishing you would get everything taken away from you. You should be fired; you need to be hung, someone should murder you, somebody should beat you to death, etc.

Horrible things are posted everywhere online about you for about two weeks—personal messages with death threats to you and your loved ones.

Unfortunately, there is far more to these stories that often go untold. My fiance himself endured a "mob-attack" situation due to misunderstandings and assumptions. It was all over the big news stations, and the story changed multiple times. The disgusting things people were saying about him, the protesters that harassed him and his employees... it was a nightmare we thought wasn't going to end... or at least not end well...

Most of these things end within two weeks because the mob jumps to the next on their hit list. It is sick and pathetic. If you are a mob-member, I highly recommend taking a step back and thinking about what you're doing.

Do you feel like a hero? Do you feel like you've just saved the day?

You are one of the monsters that keep someone up at night, thinking about all the things you said. You are one of the monsters that keep someone from moving on from all of the stuff you mislead other people to believe. You are one of the demons who mercilessly tormented a family by targeting one of them or all of them.

The monsters and demons you once imagined, scary or funny, are nothing like the many that walk past you every single day. Evil is real, and it is within sick humans.

Well, now that person you've never met but called a "racist, worthless pos" and should die, just killed themself - because of your words and the words of your fellow “courageous” mob members.

That person’s blood is on your tongue and your hands - because of words.

Remember in middle school when they would say, "sticks and stones break my bones, but words will never hurt me?"

Recall what it was like to be called something cruel and treated like crap.

Do you remember any words that cut you deep over the years? Do they still give you that sting? Do they make you cringe?

The fact of the matter is, words do hurt, and you can leave an impact on someone and completely forget within a day, but they will never forget. Read that again; remember it as you type, or open your mouth next time. If you commit to it, remember you affect the “target” and affect everyone around them - children, parents, friends, etc. Go ahead and freely spread your negative disease like wildfire, but know when you play with fire, you will get burned.

Instead of risking being a monster for no real reason and hurting more people to continue the cycle of hate, just try to be a better person and remember that everyone is fighting battles. We are all warriors, and we are all survivors. Cutting each other’s throats and becoming divided only weakens us. Communicate and learn, rather than assume and attack. The time to stand and work together against hate with love and understanding is nigh. If we continue to divide and fight amongst ourselves, we will ultimately fall.

Suppose we could’ve just mustered together all of the manpower we use toward all the negative things we pursue every day and put it toward the positive and forward-moving things we do together. In that case, we could’ve already accomplished so much more by now. Instead, we continue to hold ourselves back. Step up, humans; it’s time we evolve more and solve problems, not make more of them.


If you love quotes like me, here are some tremendous words of Einstein:

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

“It is not that I'm so smart. But I stay with the questions much longer.”

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

― Albert Einstein


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