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Art, Love, and Ghana: Esther's Journey to Asking for Help

Navigating Family Struggles, Friendship, and the Power of Support

By NII LANTEY PARKERPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

Life in Ghana is a vibrant tapestry woven with threads of tradition, love, and resilience. Nestled within this rich cultural landscape is the story of Esther, a young girl grappling with life's challenges. Her tale, chronicled within the pages of this thought-provoking book, Rising Above Adversity: Discovering the Power of Unity and Asking for Help in Ghana, offers a glimpse into the universal struggles we all face.

Esther's journey begins with an unspoken companion, a gnawing knot in her stomach that appears during moments of familial discord. It tightens its grip when her parents engage in heated arguments about money, during the morning ritual of preparing for school, or when she fumbles to find the right words. This visceral feeling, familiar to many, is an unwelcome reminder of the daily hurdles life presents.

However, Esther soldiers on, leaning on the pillars of friendship and her love for art. Her friends become her support system, offering warmth and solace during the stormy days. Art, her creative sanctuary, serves as an outlet to express the emotions that often remain hidden beneath her serene exterior.

Yet, as the clouds of her parents' financial struggles darken the horizon, Esther wonders if her artistic talents could serve a greater purpose. She takes a leap of faith, crafting a logo and establishing a social media presence to promote her mother's home-based business, a treasure trove of secondhand clothes for the local community. With the unwavering support of her cousin and friends, who not only model the garments but also lend their social media savvy, the business begins to thrive.

The journey to success, however, is fraught with unexpected challenges. Esther's newfound fame and the burgeoning business cast shadows on her relationship with her cousin and best friend, Ruby. What once was a shared dream now appears to be a source of tension, causing Esther to question her own identity and creative pursuits.

Esther's breaking point arrives, a moment of raw vulnerability that forces her to confront her limitations. It's at this juncture that she discovers a profound truth—a truth deeply rooted in the Ghanaian culture—the power of asking for help. Through her journey, Esther and her mother learn that seeking assistance doesn't diminish their strength but enhances it. With the right support, they realize that Esther can create something truly beautiful, not just on canvas but in the tapestry of their lives.

Esther's Journey to Artistic Triumph transcends geographical boundaries and cultural contexts. It is a reminder that the pursuit of dreams is a universal endeavor, filled with the complexities of love, friendship, and the need for support. In the Ghanaian setting, where community and unity are cherished values, Esther's story resonates as a testament to the importance of relying on one another during life's trials.

In a world where self-reliance is often celebrated, Esther's journey reminds us that there is no shame in reaching out when we need it most. Her story underscores the power of unity, the strength that arises from sharing our vulnerabilities, and the beauty that emerges when we allow others to accompany us on our creative and personal quests.

So, let us embrace Rising Above Adversity as a narrative that transcends borders and cultures, reminding us all that the pursuit of dreams is a shared human experience. Esther's journey through the bustling streets of Ghana serves as a testament to the enduring power of human connection, the resilience of the human spirit, and the beauty that arises when we dare to ask for help along the way.

Esther's story is not just a Ghanaian story; it's a story that belongs to all of us, teaching us that unity and the courage to seek assistance can lead to triumph over adversity. In a world that often emphasizes self-sufficiency, Esther's journey reminds us that there is strength in vulnerability and that the most beautiful creations often emerge when we come together in unity and ask for help when needed.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 7 months ago

    Great work! Wonderful!

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