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6 characteristics of bad friends

Are your friends genuine?

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
6 characteristics of bad friends
Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

Friends are hard to come by. At most, they will be your companion through certain troubles, adventures or even sufferings. Sometimes, even you may believe that your friends are real, they could be not. How do we distinguish between real or fake friends? Below are 6 ways your friends could be fake:

1. They forget most things about you

If you would ask them about what was your favourite dish when you were out for a meal with them, they probably has forgotten about it. If you would ask what is the month of your birth date, they also most likely wouldn't remember. Fake friends don't really care about you, what they cared about was if there's anything to gain from being acquainted with you. They won't spend any bit of their memory capacity to remember much about you. This is point number one of all 6, you are not interesting to them that they would want to remember about.

2. They gossip behind you

Gossiping friends aren't real friends. They are out to damage your reputation and image. If they are friends, they wouldn't have done so. They talked nastily about you behind you. However, in front of you, they could be the sweetest creature to you. These types of friends are fake at most. They are there just to take something from you and then they try to get rid of you. Remember, fake friends gossip behind your backs all the time. Don't fall for theirs sweet covers.

3. They won't entertain you

Bad friends never entertain you. At most, they did so grudgingly. Filled with impatience, and sometimes anger. Do not be let into the false premises that bad friends will go out on an outing with you, or listen to your rants about your job loss and such. Nobody has got time for that, he better friends to tend to. Usually bad friends never got around replying a message you left on Whatsapp or any other messenger applications out there. They are just too uninterested in entertaining you.

4. They never talked to you

If the count of your so called friend having talked to you is less than let's say five times, then you could be sure that he or she is not your friend. A friend would talk a lot with you. They are so interested with you and they just want to talk so much with you. Real friends are like a counsellor where you too can talk a lot about yourself to them. But bad friends are always not available to talk too because they are just too proud of themselves. They think nothing you utter will benefits them in any way.

5. They weren't there for you

When was the last time you got into trouble and you seek help from that friend you thought was your friend? Astonishingly enough, he or she couldn't be there for you, no matter what your trouble were. A bad friend isn't reliable enough for you to depend on, if you got yourself into any trouble or problem. Remember, don't spend your time on a friendship if they weren't there for you, when you needed them most.

6. They weren't kind to you

Kindness shows a lot about someone. Especially about that someone's perception about you. If someone wasn't kind to you, actually he or she thinks that you are inferior to them. In fact, to them, being kind means being of the same kind. If he or she is successful, but you're not, then you're out of luck, you aren't of the same kind with them. You're in fact alien to them, some creature of inferiority compared to them. If you would think and recall again, the last time someone be kind to you is when they are on the same boat with you. He or she has to, otherwise the boat may sink. So, if your friend wasn't kind to you, he or she is probably not a real friend. He or she wouldn't look up on you, in fact, they look down on you!


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