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5 Purposes Your Lives Could Mean To Others

Find Your Most Meaningful Purpose In Your Life

By Chua Yuan HengPublished about a year ago 3 min read
5 Purposes Your Lives Could Mean To Others
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At some point in our lives, we begin to think about the purpose of our own lives to other people surrounding us. Whether aware or not, everyone have a distinct purpose for living around us. If you would look at your surrounding, you may realize that everyone either complements or repels another.

Towards being ourselves, we find that it is almost not possible to not either complements or repels others. This is because we either like or don't like another human being around us. There is no unsureness if we like or doesn't like another person.

Our own instinct tells us that we must be the better version of the others surrounding us. However, there are 5 types of a person you can choose to be for others. Below are the 5 main types that you can choose from :

1. Champion

The first and foremost of all 5 types is the champion. Anyone playing this purpose must rise above all challenges for others. An example of this would be a firefighter, who fights fire incidents in order to save lives and properties. Anyone who plays this purpose are great in a sense that they are extremely capable. The person has a purpose to protect and fend others.

2. Disturber

On the second place, is the disturber. For a person to play this purpose, he or she must be extremely naughty with another. An example of this would be a prankster, who lives a life pranking people. A person who lives this way actually has no sense of security. This kind of a person has a purpose to challenge another with insecurity itself.

3. Sleeping Partner

Unto the third place, is the sleeping partner. This type of person absolutely abhors anything that has to do with work. A prime example of this is the wife you got at home. A person who takes on this role is just an useless person who has got no real capabilities. This kind of a person is born to be just your sleeping partner, nothing more, nothing less.

4. Comptroller

The fourth place puts in what is called a comptroller. This type of person controls every aspect of another person he or she is in relationship with. An example of such a person is a dad, who manages every aspects of his child, from work to marriage, even to his/her whereabouts. A person who plays such a purpose for another is confident of himself or herself, especially financially. This person is born to guide you in every way possible.

5. Troll

Lastly, falling onto the last place is the troll. The troll does not know who or what matters anymore because he or she has given up on life itself. This type of a person makes suffering unto other people because his or her life itself is nothing but suffering. The purpose of such a person is to beat you down, so that you may rise, surmounting any suffering. In turn, the troll gets to learn, how to surmount the problems he or she is experiencing all this while, by trolling you! You be the teacher!

Alas, I myself choses to be a champion, sometimes the other purposes for my life. In fact, I am ever different, depending on the circumstance I am put in. You too, can choose one of the above to become. Maybe, do a combination type or different for each person you met. However, I always strive to be the best no matter what I choses to become.

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