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6 moral etiquettes we all must have

Moral is what takes us places

By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 4 min read
6 moral etiquettes we all must have
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In today's world, we find that no one is truly pure. At first, it seems that there is always a dark side to anything or anyone. In fact, even a toddler could have done something naughty. But however, being a human person, we must always practice morality in our lives. That being said, let's take a look at the 6 moral etiquettes we all must have in our lives:

1. Be good

Remember, the phrase that say how our character is judged by the things we do when no one is looking? That's right, that is like the epitome of the our person. When nobody is looking, what would you do? If you do good, then yes, you are an angel. Otherwise, you are pretty much a devil from the inside. In fact, being good is what makes us get accepted in most places. From being a part of the society alone, it requires us to be good. To be accepted in schools, workplaces, or businesses, we are required to be good. We are not expected to be criminals, per say. We are not expected to do nasty deeds unless you know what I am saying. We are all good people, we live in this society being a good part, a good component of it, not to be a cancerous tumour that needs removal. That's why it important to be good.

2. Love

I believe that the entire creation is made out of love. God loves us, he created us out of pure majestic love. The Universe is so huge and so infinite that he created us all to love us, as his little creatures on a spinning globe. In fact, love is probably the most desired frequency anyone would want to experience. It is through love that creation manifested, not through the feelings of destruction or death and such. Anyone without love anymore is just a creature that seeks destruction, especially when he or she tries to destruct the other creatures God also love equally. If you would love another, love would resonates back to you. Don't think it's not true, because if it's not true, then the other guys just don't love you, and then you don't love back, then the cycle goes on and on. But just love, and everything will be well.

3. Be kind

What is the word kind to you? It's certainly does mean something along the line that we are of the same kind right. Since that there is probably no alien creatures walking among us, vowing to kill all of us, then be kind. Be kind to your fellow human beings, who looks at least 99% the same. It's just that there are probably differences in skin colours and language and cultures. Otherwise, they are all humans. Why not be kind to each other? We are all of the same kind, the human kind. Someday, we would need each other, I am pretty sure of that because the differences between us is what makes us unique, that distinguishes our different usefulness.

4. Never steal

Never ever steal anything from another. Everyone has gotten what they have, probably through their own hard work too. No one has provided those things to them easily, they have toiled and sweated for them. It is of their rights if it belongs to them. Since that you never worked for them, it is simply not right that you have them. If you think that you would have your hands onto the belongings of others, then a culture and thinking of the same would happen to you too. Someday, some people would believe he or she can steal from you too. If you can steal from others, why couldn't others steal from you?

5. Never kill

It's not like we can respawn at the town center when we are dead and head back straight to the dungeon to defeat monsters. We are all sons and daughters of some parents. With love they have brought us up as children until adulthood. Nobody deserves to be killed by another because of ill minded belief or thinking that another should just die. Why should a person just die while you live on to experience planet Earth. You think you are specially loved by God, while he created us to be killed by you? Think again, everyone is created for a purpose and everyone is loved by God equally. So, never kill anyone as a moral etiquette is a must have to be a person of respect.

6. Never cheat

Try hard not to cheat. This world is all about achievements. Cheats usually doesn't go by as honourable. Some people cheats at everything they do, hoping to get by with some cheated money, some cheated existence and such. I would rather die then cheat to be something because it's simply comes off as not real. I wanted what is real, the self actualization or self realization that I am as great as you could see or at least feel from my inside, if I don't looked that great. It's not through cheating that I become a character of which no one will look up upon to do anything at all. Imagine if a bridge engineer cheated and cheated but he couldn't actually build a bridge. Of what use is such a person in this world? At least he gets to exist yea? Exist then, merely as a cheat, not real.

That's all of the 6 moral etiquettes I think should hold true for most people seeking to be honourable persons in society. Let's try to uphold these values as important to our being as a society. Thank you.

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