3 Signs To Show You're Comfortable In Your Relationship

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And Why That Is Totally OK

3 Signs To Show You're Comfortable In Your Relationship

It is no surprise that when we enter a new relationship we try to be the greatest versions of ourselves. We try to give only the best impressions to court our future significant other. It’s only human. However, a few months down the line amidst the talks about future plans and how many puppies you want, there are some façades we just cannot help but drop. Nothing screams love and affection more than casually letting bodily functions do their thing, or letting the leg stubble do the talking after a few days. Here are 3 things to show that your relationship is reaching a new level of comfort, and why it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

1. A Bit Of Gas Never Hurt Nobody

At one point or another we are all guilty of accidentally letting one drop in front of another person. If you are successful enough to be discreet about your bottom burps, there is no running from the smell that entails. Don't panic though; once your partner is aware of the aroma you're packing, it is a guaranteed ice breaker and a healthy step in the right direction. Hey, before you know it you'll both be orchestrating your own gassy symphony! All that being said, if your partner (or yourself for that matter) aren't ready to exchange puffs from behind that's also OK. There is no pressure or time frame as to when it is necessary to let it rip.

2. To Pee Or Not To Pee With The Door Open? That Is The Question

So maybe I am not as eloquently spoken as our dear friend William Shakespeare, but this is an article about romantic and mildly gross habits we grow comfortable with, so I'm off the hook.

We like our private space, and when we reach our porcelain thrones, the phone comes out and the door is locked. It is our haven, our home within home etc. But when we find our significant other, there are boundaries that we must break down to welcome them in. After a few months of intimacy and general bonding as a couple there is nothing in the world that can gross you out, including the sound of pee hitting porcelain resonating through your home. It is probably courteous to ask first before making that step to invade the bathroom mid urination (or more perhaps), but the likelihood of the response to be "Um, yeah I guess?" is high. You'll both be on your way in no time!

Also think of it as time saving too. Whilst he pees she can shower, or whilst she pees he can shave! Plenty of convenience to go around ladies and gentlemen.

3. Let There Be Stubble

When we first meet our partners, as previously stated we only want to look our best for one another. There is nothing wrong with trying to look good and to also FEEL good! The guy may trim his beard or even manscape (shaving his body hair to feel silky smooth or to simply look a little less grizzly) and the woman may tidy up her legs, armpits and all the bits in between. But after a few months into the relationship, the option to shave whenever you want should be just that. The pressure to impress should have lifted by now. So ladies, in the winter when it is cold and miserable, do not hesitate to maintain the natural blanket that God intended to grow on you. And guys, if she does have a few loose hairs or the occasional prickly texture, let her have it! Maintenance is time-consuming and at times stressful. We are only human.

There are plenty more where that came from, but that may be for a different time and article. But just remember, despite these habits we still find our partners attractive, amazing and genuinely great to be around. True love is not measured by the amount of affection we can show at any given time, but by who can burp the loudest or who can be the grossest and still be super cute.

LJ Chaplin
LJ Chaplin
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