A Different Version of You & Chameleon Sky

by LJ Chaplin 3 years ago in love / humanity / literature

Poetry & My Inspirations To Write It

A Different Version of You & Chameleon Sky

Just something I want to share. Writing poetry is my passion, and I feel this would be an amazing opportunity to share my work here. The poem itself was inspired by my partner. He had hit a wall in his life and started to question everything about himself. At that point I felt helpless and didn't know how I could support him or see how amazing he was as a person.

I was on the train home when I wrote this poem in the space of ten minutes. It was dark and the sky was clear, and in between stations the expanse of countryside meant that there was no light. I remember seeing the stars and the moon. I had been texting my partner and it felt right to write something that both reflected how I thought of him as a work of art and how I can't change him myself, only help him develop and grow. I hope you enjoy this piece.

I'm sorry I cannot

Mould you like clay,

Reshape your face

So that when you cry

Shallow rock pools

Form in the creases

Under your heavy eyes.

Create a strong nose

That can withstand

Gale force inhalations

During a breakdown

of inhibitions,

Concrete lips that

Can crush the soul

When we connect.

Maybe I can glaze your eyes

To reflect the planet

Of thoughts that spin around

On an axis in your head?

I'll paint you different shades

So that all angles of light

In the day highlight every

Aspect of emotion,

And when night falls

The stars cast shadows

And your smile retreats

Into an eclipse.

The second piece I wrote one evening in March. It had been a rainy day and was so cold. But as the evening started to arrive the weather had changed and it was such a beauty. My apartment overlooks the back of a park/local cemetery. As morbid as it may sound there are only a few tombstones and the place is filled with wild flowers, oak trees and is surrounded by a bright orange brick wall. The apartment is a converted part of an unused church, so the windows are huge and still have the original features. They stretch from floor to ceiling, so when the curtains are pulled back you can see the world from our sofa. My partner and I had just finished decorating and settled down with a coffee. We were covered in paint at the time and we ended up just sitting there and staring out of the window. That night when he went to bed I stayed up a little longer and wrote this next piece. It was a moment of beauty and of tranquillity that I wanted to capture. I wanted to share this moment with you all.

I watched the sky transform


As the sun set

It flourished more than ever.

I watched in awe

As it changed colour,

The clouds shed its white washed skin

And boasted an undulating opalescence

Of pink and lilac,

Soft like candyfloss,

I felt compelled to reach up

And sink my teeth into it,

Only to let the rain fall

Onto my lips and seep

Into my skin.

I traced the clouds

To the horizon,

Where fiery hues of

Orange burned bright

Like wildfire,

An irresistible iridescence

That filled my belly with

An inferno

Not even the Seven Seas

Could tame.

Before long,

The stars filtered through

The kaleidoscopic creation,

Illuminating the Universe

Like the London Skyline.

I pick one amongst the

Palette of scattered clouds

And wish that I can witness

This masterpiece

The same time tomorrow.

© L.J. Chaplin

LJ Chaplin
LJ Chaplin
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