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The big boat that became a mountain is called Tangkuban Perahu.

Sangkuriang, West Java

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The big boat that became a mountain is called Tangkuban Perahu.
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Long ago, in West Java, lived a princess named Dayang Sumbi. She had a son named Sangkuriang. The child was very fond of hunting in the woods. He was always accompanied by his beloved dog named Tumang while hunting. Tumang was actually the incarnation of a god and also the biological father of Sangkuriang. But Sangkuriang did not know it because his mother carefully hid it.

One day, Sangkuriang went into the forest to hunt as usual. Once he arrived, he started looking for prey. Sangkuriang saw a bird perched on a branch, then without thinking, shot it right on target. Sangkuriang then commanded Tumang to take his prey, but Tumang was silent and did not want to follow his command. Sangkurian was very angry with Tumang, and he expelled Tumang and would not allowed it to go home with him again.

At home, Sangkuriang told her mother about the incident. After hearing the story of her son, Dayang Sumbi, was very angry. She picked up the spoon and hit the head of Sangkuriang. Feeling disappointed with the treatment of his mother, Sangkuriang decided to go wandering and left his house.

Dayang Sumbi deeply regretted her actions after he left. She prayed every day and asked that one day she could see her son again. Because of her sincerity in prayer, God gave her the gift of eternal beauty and youth forever.

After many years of wandering, Sangkuriang eventually intends to return to his hometown. Once there, he was very surprised, because his hometown had changed completely. Sangkuriang's pleasure increased when he met a woman who is very beautiful, which is none other than Dayang Sumbi. Fascinated by her beauty, Sangkuriang proposed to her for marriage. Finally, the proposal was received by Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang, and she agreed to marry in the near future.

One day, Sangkuriang asked his future wife for permission to hunt in the forest. Before leaving, he asked Dayang Sumbi to tighten and fix his head belt. Surprisingly, Dayang Sumbi saw a scar. The scar was similar to his son's. After asking about the cause of the wound, Dayang Sumbi was extremely surprised, because it was true that her future husband was her own son.

Dayang Sumbi was very confused, because she should not marry her own son. After Sangkuriang came home, Dayang Sumbi tried to speak to Sangkuriang about canceling their wedding plan. Dayang Sumbi's request was rejected by Sangkuriang.

Every day, Dayang Sumbi thought about how to cancel their wedding. Dayang Sumbi finally found the best way. She offered two requirements to Sangkuriang. If Sangkuriang could meet both requirements, Dayang Sumbi wanted to be a wife, otherwise the marriage would be canceled. The first requirement was that Dayang Sumbi wanted the Citarum river dammed. The second one was ordered by Sangkuriang to create a very large boat to cross the river. Both requirements must be completed before dawn.

Sangkuriang challenged both Dayang Sumbi's requests and promised to finish before dawn. With his magic, Sangkuriang ordered his friends from the jinn to help complete the requirements. Dayang Sumbi spied on Sangkuriang's job. She was shocked, because Sangkuriang had almost completed all the requirements given by Dayang Sumbi before dawn.

Dayang Sumbi then asked for help to hold a red silk cloth to the east of the city. When looking at the red color in the eastern city, Sangkuriang thought that it was already dawn. Sangkuriang immediately stopped work and thought he was unable to meet the requirements that had been submitted by Dayang Sumbi.

Sangkuriang was disappointed and then broke down his own dam. Because of the breakdown of the dam, there was a flood and the whole town was underwater. Sangkuriang also kicked the big boat that has been made. The canoe was drifting and fell upside down. Later, it changed into a mountain called Tangkuban Perahu.

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