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Most Insane Things Ever Found on Google Maps

Exploring The World Threw Google Maps

By Amine OubihPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Most Insane Things Ever Found on Google Maps
Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

In today's digital era, exploration has a totally different dimension. In a matter of few clicks, we can travel the world, discovering the hidden treasures and accidentally bumping into the unexpected. Google Maps have become our up-to-date atlases, function literally as our virtual tour of the world from the convenience of our screens. Nevertheless, hidden within this colossal inventory of imagery may be some of the most amazing creatures ever – involved from the ridiculous to the downright disturbing.

Let us start a journey through the eyes of Google Maps where the ordinary changes to the extraordinary and where every click may reveal a new mystery that is waiting to be solved.

The first part of our adventure looks like the one we all dreamt of as kids, where we can see the commuters on Uxbridge Road in England witness a fairytale scene, a horse-drawn carriage, with two magnificent white horses. Eye catching, a riddle therein, - who will insure the pumpkin carriage?

On the other hand, in Cottesloe, Western Australia, Google Street View users can see a man cycling an old-style Pennyfarthing Bicycle, which is apparently accompanied by a penguin or a platypus. Bringing to life the whimsy of a fantasy or just a playful prank played on the oblivious lens.

Along with the uncharted territory of the digital world, we are faced with the perplexing riddles, which we cannot explain. In Oscarsborg, Norway, there are two figures dressed in orange jumpsuits, which look like "Squid Game" characters, and they seem to be in a mysterious fight. Is it a contrived performance or a spontaneous street spectacle shot accidentally?

And what about the confusing sight of a person in a horse rubber mask sitting there and quietly munching a banana at a road in Victoria BC?A bizarre scene that makes the audience wonder about the borders between the reality and the absurdity.

Although in fact some of the discoveries are due to humankind's foolishness, other cases belong to natural forces. The Badlands Guardian of Alberta, Canada is a fabulous natural rock formation which resembles a human face and has been created by the process of erosion waiting over the years for his "face- to -face" with the greatest geological artist.

On the other hand, Homebush Bay in Australia is a place where you can see an odd sight—a mangrove forest growing on the rusty hulls of the abandoned ships. A sudden yet sad indicator of nature's power over human weakness due to abandonment.

However, the mixture of whimsy and magic carries a broader meaning, weighted by history and tragedies. The deserted mental asylum in Lier, Norway, is a sorrowful reminder of the old days, its broken walls coming alive with the spirits of the past.

Similarly, the near-consumed structure of Alma College in Ontario represented the extent of the arson in its smoke when the satellite managed to take a shot of the scorching fire.

Although there are moments of strangeness and tarry of resolution, they are interspersed with instances of refreshments and closure. In Wellington, Florida, a submerged car discovered on Google Earth was the key to the discovery of long-lost remains which solved the decades-old missing persons case. An example of the mysteries that technologies can solve as well as giving the dead a peace that has been long awaited.

While roaming everywhere we become aware that there is a world of exciting discoveries beneath the surface of the known and hence Google maps may remind us of it. Whether it is fun or frightening, each discovery is a doorway into the rich human and natural history that we are surrounded by. Hence, the next time that you set out on a virtual trip, be careful and do not forget to pay attention to the details – you never really know what kind of mysteries could be hidden behind your next click.

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