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The Top 5 Angry Video Game Nerd Moments

A Listing of the Most Memorable Moments of AVGN

By Halden MilePublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Angry Video Game Nerd

The Angry Video Game Nerd is not only angry, but also incredibly entertaining. Since his inception in 2006, Angry Video Game Nerd and its eponymous hero continues to entertain fans across the internet. Having played the absolute worst video games ever made, the Nerd is always infuriated. From the original Atari 2600 to more recent game consoles, there is no shortage of awful video games. This means the Angry Video Game Nerd will always have an endless supply of bad video games to play.

Whenever he isn't upset at the worst games, he's also contended with various foes and rivals. These infamous fiends in many ways have contributed to his fury.

The following is a listing of the most memorable moments of the Angry Video Game Nerd.

NOTE: As for why the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie is not listed, as it is a largely fictionalized exaggeration of the YouTube series. This article strictly follows the YouTube series.

5. The Nerd vs Rob The Robot

Although it was first released as an accessory to the original NES in 1985, Rob the Robot is considered incredibly rare. However, this did not stop the AVGN from going toe to toe with Rob the Robot. Even as it seemed hope was lost for the Nerd, he still creates videos to this day. To date, this episode remains the most intensely made episode outside of the AVGN film itself.

4. The Nerd vs Bugs Bunny.

While not as epic as either Rob the Robot or the Nostalgia Critic, the battles with Bugs Bunny. Despite being a cartoon, that did not save Bugs Bunny from the onslaught he endured at the hands of AVGN. Although Bugs Bunny and AVGN would go at it again, the original still stands the test of time.

3. Plumbers Don't Wear Ties.

Plumbers Don't Wear Ties is perhaps one of the worst video games of all time. No other game comes even close to this embarrassment of a video game. All it is is a collection of power point photos and bad graphics. Had it not been for the Angry Video Game Nerd, this lousy excuse of a game would have forever lingered as an obscure title. Yet, because of this one episode of AVGN, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties has seen a resurgence in popularity on account of the "being so bad, it's good" variety. In fact, there was even an interview segment where one of the original cast members mentions this AVGN episode!.

2. Finally Beating Jekyll and Hyde.

Aside from Bugs Bunny and Fred Fuchs, Jekyll and Hyde was a thorn in the Nerds...well, hide, since the very beginning. Although the Nerd would return to Jekyll and Hyde years later, he would once again fail at beating this infamous title. It seemed that no matter what the Angry Video Game Nerd would do, it appeared that Jekyll and Hyde would remain unbeatable. However, that would all change in 2023 when the Angry Video Game Nerd, with advice from his older self, would finally beat this game once and for all. Thus, bringing an end to the longest AVGN saga.

1. The Nostalgia Critic Feud.

No article about AVGN is complete without the 2008 Feud with the Nostalgia Critic. For most of that year, fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd were glued to YouTube to follow this extraordinary event. In various videos, forum posts, and a real life meet up, both Critic and Nerd duked it out in various fights and battles. Eventually, it came to an epic conclusion which I will not say here lest I ruin it for newbies.

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