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By Mel E. FurnishPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read

Where are all my Warriors fans at? My all-time favorite book series in middle school, Warriors, a series that submerges you into a world of survival for cats in the wild. For some, it may sound strange, but the series is full of struggles, passions, heartbreaks, and lots of death, but also life. The author(s) of Warriors, Erin Hunter, have always inspired me in creating my own book series.

For those of you out there who also fell in love with Warriors, I am happy to tell you that this game, is what I know I've been looking for, for a while.

Cattails is a fantastic RPG game that is like the perfect mash of Warriors and Stardew Valley!

"Warriors" have their own games and fun activities on their website for fans, but I've always wanted a good animated show to be made or an incredible video game with breath-taking graphics like Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

If there are any games or shows that come close to Warriors, please share them with me! I happened to stumble across this game on my Switch and I'll admit at first, I wasn't so sure. However, I am very happy I decided to get it and try it out. So far, I've only played a few hours but already I am hooked!

You can pick a clan (Forest, Mountain, Mystic), hunt, swim, forage, mine, and have a litter of kittens! There is also an intriguing storyline that has been rapidly unfolding for me and I can't wait to see what happens next! I will be writing another blog here soon with more screenshots from the game!

I picked the Forest Domain!

The den is pretty big, with lots of space to "store" what you gather.

One of the first missions for you to do, collecting certain things to place by this pillar to help bring back the Forest Guardian. However, after you complete this one, you will open a latch in the next north block and you will have to solve a puzzle!

Solve the challenge and it will open the door where you can find the purple jewel!

Once you place the jewel, it will activate the other pillars, revealing all the other items you need to gather to save the guardian. This bit is definitely reminding me of Harvest Moon, in particular, Tree of Tranquility, where you must collect select items from all over the island to help save it. I loved it, also just like in Stardew Valley, to restore the town. I personally really enjoy games like this.

As you play the game, you will gain experience points that you can use to upgrade certain skills. You can improve your hunting, fighting, swimming, and foraging. If you don't boost your fighting, I wouldn't recommend participating in a battle, unless you maybe have a lavender you can use to give your other group members more advantage, but it doesn't give you much of any leverage on your own against a foe. Also, if you want to catch some of the more rare birds for the pillars, you need to definitely upgrade your hunting!

The controls are not too difficult to get accustomed to, you'll get them down easily as you explore many of the blocks of land. I suggest you forage everything you can, as often as you can!

Winning battles!

The map will show you where "border skirmishes" are happening and you can join in and help win more land! After a battle is won, there will be "Mews" to collect to use as currency, and that "block" will be then shaded over with your clan's color.

Be sure to check it out for yourself! ;)


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