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US Military's New Robot That Will Change War Forever

The Next Military Evolution

By Amine OubihPublished about a month ago 4 min read
US Military's New Robot That Will Change War Forever
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

In the battle of urban combat, only blocks from the battleground, a team of men Please Analyze the given sentence and rephrase it in your words to have a better understanding Even at the midst of destruction, a single figure shows at the bottom of the street, move faster than normal. The unnerving figure with arms raised then fires its gun accurately and the enemy tumbles automatically. Shooting a grenade and blasting it towards the enemy, watching them get engulfed in flames is simply spectacular. The dejected soldiers dashed to meet the figure that landed just before them, and found their rescuers was not a human, but a robot.

What you are seeing is not part of a sci-fi movie about robot uprisings or artificial intelligence dictatorships, but a projection into the emerging reality of modern wars. Today, we study how the bots are slowly removing humans from battles and what this means for the conflict in days to come.

Today, human soldiers form the bulk, and are still cost-effective and capable of complex decision making, which makes them more powerful against robots in warfare. The pace of the development in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) is closing that gap, which indicates that in a near future there will be more robotic soldiers. The military industry has incorporated robots of different kinds in their operations such as drones, unmanned ground vehicles, and missiles with highly advanced capabilities.

On the battlefield most robots today need still humans' assistance. Like Boston Dynamics, Ghost Robotics, and DARPA, companies are on the frontlines of building autonomous robots that can make their tough decisions for themselves. Moreover, Boston Dynamics has an upright policy not to arm the robots as ethical issues have been raised. On the other hand, the issue of war application cannot be denied.

Boston Dynamics’ LS3: This rovers developed for the carrying of heavy equipment over difficult terrains will have to bear on the soldiers, provide more room for necessary equipments. The LS3 is equipped with bulletproof armor that can stand up against the fire of heavy weapons. The LS3 works in the most extreme conditions of every environment and thus is decisive in providing frontline troops with the necessary support.

Spot and Spot-mini: These spry and snoop like robots are utilized by numerous agencies for reconnaissance and surveillance. Spot, powered by thermal imaging and 360-degree cameras, can move/circulate through tough domains at the risk of a soldier's life and send vital information that could save the life of a solider and improve the overall efficiency of the operation.

Atlas: One of most-advanced robots of Boston Dynamic, Atlas, is a bipedal machine that can execute even most complex tasks (like handling hazardous material and rescue operations). Its AI, which allows it to learn from the mistakes, is another example of the process of constant enhancement of its performance. On the other hand, the company refuses to weaponize Atlas, yet it could become the one that displaces human troops in the future as a result of its most human-like features and sophisticated AI.

The Department of Defense is looking seriously into robotic technology for greater efficiency and leaving fewer people killed or wounded. With ongoing technical development, robotic soldiers could perform the task without the need for babysitting, as long as they remain highly efficient and accurate. As opposed to human soldiers who become fatigued after working for long periods of time, a robot can work and function at peak performance until the device battery is exhausted, and technological advancements in battery life show that the device endurance time will only improve.

Robots may withstand direct shooting, would fix fast and be quick at decision making according to a big amount of information taken. Contrary to the human respondents, robots are in zero risk regarding fear, stress, and PTSD, due to the fact that they can be deployed repeatedly without any psychological problem.

Although there are benefits, however, much complex issues such as military ethics and morality appear throughout the utilization of robots. Autonomous robots could analytically solve and get involved makingst the life and death decisions, what may lead to civilian casualties in complex situations. AI may not in all cases fully determine a "correct" strategy when it comes to tricky cases involving the saving of hostages or to preserve an innocent person' life.

Security is another issue to address, with malicious parties able to take over and control robots with advanced capabilities and threaten our safety both in public and private sphere. Ethics matter in the programming so that robots not violate human rights and ethical rationales. However, there is no such a universal scheme that all robots should be programmed that way.

Not with standing Boston Dynamics along with other leading companies in the field of robotics call on the parties concerned not to weaponize their creations, different military forces are seriously interested in the technologies. Already robots have that role taken on of both support and they bounce through the battlefield. Certainly there your role in the future is going to be expand.

The warfare of the future can be seen to be evolving and for sure robotic soldiers may reduce human casualties and transform arm strategy. But, the technology ought to be applied carrying in mind ethics and avoiding misuse while it is being deployed. Of course, the employment of high-tech robots in military activities can be a precise way for Ethical-oriented defense operations, we are witnessing the board of the battlefield being redefined in the future.

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