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What is Happening Inside Your Brain When You Die

Death Is Just A Part Of Life

By Amine OubihPublished 12 days ago 3 min read
What is Happening Inside Your Brain When You Die
Photo by Kenny Orr on Unsplash

Death which is the inevitable and the final chapter of living being still more puzzling than the other mysteries of life. While we are wide awake in the dead quiet of the night, our thoughts are likely to stray to the morbid consideration of what taking those steps into an afterlife might one day feel like. Near-death experiences and scientific inquiring irresistibly leave us with the mystery and the concept of the true nature of death is still elusive. In this article, we venture into the beautiful world of dying, where we extract what science says about the feelings, experiences, and biological developments that we go through just before we exit the planet.

The common denominator, where biology, science, philosophy, and religion intersect, is morality. Typically, the definition was "death" or "clinical death" due to the cessation of heartbeat or respiration. Nonetheless, the advanced innovations on medical technology trigger the notion of brain death being the ultimate and assures irreversibility. The brain dying, as meaning the complete lack of the brain electric wave activity, leads to many doubtful questions on the essence of the consciousness and identity.

The human mind, this strange thing that hosts our conscious, becomes the central part of our understanding of reality. Moreover, when death becomes imminent, the brain experiences a set of peculiar modifications corroborated by the investigations on brain wave activity both humans and animals. In the seconds before departure, gamma waves, which are linked with memory and cognitive tasks of greater complexity, can be seen. This may perhaps suggest a review of the key features of your existence—a film montage, which collects your most treasured memories.

Usually, after having a near-death experience persons report very bright images. These images could be from an encounter with their loved ones or from a visions of heavenly light. The phenomena, which are the direct result of the brain changing due to approaching death, are truly thought-provoking for understanding the human psyche reaction to mortality. For some it brings tranquility but it also proves the mystery of endings.

Dying experience is very different from others and it is mainly influenced by factors like cause of death and individual situation. Some of them may experience the death peacefully while others may go through the pain and discomfort during the time of their death. While we continuously try to comprehend the details of death, most remains unexplored, opening up spaces for rumors and reflection.

Death which is one of the indelible strands of human life till the end has always been woven through the fabric of existence as well. Although science provides insight into biochemical mechanisms of dying, the very essence of this experience remains beyond the reach of our understanding. In the face of the inescapable, let us seek out consolation in the unknown, which surpasses us, and we can wonder at the mystery of death with respect and curiosity.

At last, maybe it is not the destination that really counts, but rather the journey itself which is full of fleeting glory, meaningful relationships and other things that continue to live on through time. As we are cruising through the uncharted seas of our mortality, let us seek comfort in the splendor of the human condition and the eternal humanity of those who preceded us.

We, humans, in our search of answers to the questions – what does death mean – come to realize our own limitations. With science, there is a critical view, visualizing the very physical activities of your legacy transfer. Nevertheless, people may not have a clear view about its nature. Elicit identity of everyone in the inscrutability of death and may we find comfort in the modestness of our life and the eternity of the people's messages. The ethereal world of death is ultimately the catalyst for cherishing and understanding the temporary presence of humans on earth.

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