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Save Your Money With These Creative 50 Cheap Date Ideas

Broke as a joke? Well, according to Jennifer Lopez love don't cost a thing...

By Sheera LeePublished 7 years ago 2 min read
Photo by Michael Ramey

Whether it’s your anniversary, sweetheart’s birthday, or just a plain old Tuesday – these 50 cheap date ideas will keep your romance alive (but on a budget).

  • Work on a fun DIY project together. Purchase supplies and get to work!
  • Play board games/card games together.
  • Hit an arcade, all you need is some quarters.
  • Teach your date how to do something they have never done before (for example: play an instrument).
  • Binge watch a new TV series together.
  • Go to a club and dance the night away!
  • Get a Groupon to a cool new restaurant.
  • Or a Groupon for a couples massage.
  • OR light some candles, take a bubble bath and give each other massages.
  • Laugh your butts off at your local comedy club.
  • Volunteer together at your local soup chicken or pet shelter.
  • Visit a museum near you. Most have discounted hours or days.
  • Go to a baseball game, munch on hot dogs and cheer on your favorite team together!
  • Play strip poker.
  • Go for a walk around town together.
  • Karaoke is always fun! (Even if you can’t sing)
  • Find a carnival near you; enjoy some cotton candy and smooch your date on the Ferris wheel all night long.
  • Plan a picnic in the park; all you need is wine, cheese and a blanket!
  • Take a fitness class together OR try a free fitness app at home.
  • Go-karting. Enough said.
  • Go on a hike together.
  • Take an art class together.
  • Or pop open a bottle of wine and paint at home.
  • Cook a delicious meal together and bake some dessert too!
  • Spend the day at the beach.
  • Find the cheapest happy hours near you!
  • Go bowling.
  • Visit a winery or brewery near you.
  • Watch the sunset or the sunrise together.
  • Go to your local thrift shops together.
  • Play mini-golf.
  • Find a cheap concert near you.
  • Take a pizza making class together!
  • Go on a road trip – make a playlist and stop anywhere you want along the way.
  • Play paintball! Or if that’s too expensive have a water gun fight.
  • Pull up to a drive-in movie.
  • Go apple picking! Or pick any fruit you like.
  • Hit your local art galleries. Art opening usually have free wine ☺
  • See a psychic or get your cards read. It is more fun than you think.
  • Go camping!
  • Rent bikes and go on a fun little bike ride together.
  • Rock-climbing!
  • Take advantage of discount/coupon sites to get awesome deals on things you and your partner usually wouldn’t do.
  • Try ice-skating or rollerblading together (holding hands).
  • Check out a bar's trivia night. Winners usually receive a cash prize, which means that you could potentially make some money on this date!
  • Play a sport together.
  • Go fishing.
  • Visit the zoo on a free or discounted admission day.
  • Build a blanket fort together!
  • Light some candles and take a romantic bubble bath together.
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