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A Night to Remember

Losing control never felt so right.

By Magnolia LongPublished about a month ago 10 min read

Finally, she waved bye to her coworkers, clocked out, and headed home. Leah was looking forward to a quiet night. It had been a long, crappy week. She has a 6-pack chilling in the fridge and Vikings loaded for a night of bing- watching and snack food consumption.

As she presses play and settles in wearing her favorite sweatpants and hoodie, her phone rings. Its Stacy, Leahs best friend.

Hey girl, put down the Fritos and get your butt dressed, I am invoking my wingman card.

What? Hell no, I’m tired. It's been a long week. Besides I already promised Lagertha I would help her sack York.

Who, do what?

Hahaha, never mind. What’s up? What is his name, and why are you involving me?

Can’t I just ask my bestie to come somewhere with me and not get accused of anything in the process?

Umm no, you can’t. If you want me to get off this couch, spill it.

Ok Ok. His name is Chris and he’s my cousin Ben’s best friend. I ran into them yesterday and they invited me to a little get-together tonight down at Millers Campgrounds. Please come. I don’t wanna go alone.

Let me get this straight, you want your gay best friend to come be a buffer incase crap goes sideways with the new flavor of the month? Correct.

Ouch…Harsh… but yes.

Ok fine. But only because it’s at the lake will I even consider this.. While you’re getting poked I can go fish. Give me an hour or so.

Negative ghost rider I’ll be there in 10.

WTF Stace..

And take off those damn sweats and hoodie. Put on something sexy. Maybe you’ll get a little action now and then too if you tried to not look like a washed-up college frat boy.

Hey, washed-up college frat boy is my spirit animal.

Just put on some jeans and a T-shirt. Damn! Why you gotta be difficult?

And on that note, Vikings and chill it is.

No, I’m sorry, wear whatever you want. There may be some cute girls there into beer stains and Frito crumbs.

If only... I would marry her. Ok, see you in a few.

Leah and Stacy arrive at the lakeside campgrounds and there are a dozen or more cars already parked in the field. The soft glow of a campfire breaks the darkness and silhouettes the outlines of a dozen or more bodies in the distance.

Uggghhh, I’m not feeling this Stace.. You know I don’t like large crowds.

Just walk in and sit down with me. If things go well with Chris take my car and head home. Who knows, you may actually have fun. I mean, it's beer, campfire, and drunk chicks trying to get laid. Isn’t that every lesbian's wet dream? Besides, you never know you might get to use those handcuffs for more than arresting junkies tonight.

Leah smiles… good point. Let’s go.

They make their way to the campfire. Ben and Chris are standing near the tents when they see Leah and Stacy walk up, motioning for them to come over.

Ben smiles and approaches Stacy. Hey there. Glad you could make it. Who’s your friend?

Leah. Nice to meet you.

Oh yes, Leah. Stacy has told me about you.

Good things I hope.

Of course.

Chris bypasses Leah and Ben and approaches Stacy smiling. Hey, glad you came.

Leah and Ben make eye contact and roll their eyes simultaneously. Hey Leah, you look like you could use a drink. Leah smiles and says oh thank God. Ben points to a tent where there were a half dozen or more ice chests full of beers and shooters. Jackpot!

Leah turns and walks towards the tent. She reaches into the chest, grabs a cold one, walks over to the firepit, and finds an empty space on one of the logs surrounding it. Far enough away to not hover but close enough if crap goes south and Stacy needs a bail out. Wouldn’t be the first time Leah would have to be a knight in shining armor to prevent Stacy from making bad decisions. Won’t be the last.

As she sits there drinking, stoking the fire, and people-watching, she looks up and catches the eye of a girl looking at her. Leah smiles and the girl smiles back then disappears in the crowd.

Jesus, who was that? I’m usually the only lesbian at these damn things, she thought to herself. Where did she go? Leah scans the group looking for her. Oh damn... Found her, she was talking to Ben. He knows her. Perfect.

Leah stands up and attempts to make her way to Ben for a casual check-in on Stacy and a good old-fashioned you come here often moment with the butch beauty. Yeah smooth, no one will be the wiser. As she finally makes her way to Ben, she’s gone. Damn.

Hey there, how are the lovers doing?

They ran down to the store with a few friends. Speaking of friends, my friend Liz was asking about you. I hope I didn’t overstep any boundaries, but Stacy told me you were single. I hope that’s still the case.

A smile comes to Leah's face. Uhh yeah, clearing her throat trying to remain cool, I am. Liz you say. Was that who you were just talking to? I noticed her earlier.

Yeah, she was wondering if I knew you.

Damn, that’s cool. Maybe I should introduce myself then, huh?

Ben chuckles. She was definitely asking. Good luck. If Stacy gets back lookong for me, let her know I may not be needing her car after all. She will understand.

Leah turns and heads back toward the tent to get another beer. No sign of Liz anywhere. Where the hell did she go? She walks around sipping her beer for a while. She had finally given up and assumed Liz has left when a voice from behind her stops her in her tracks.

Hey there. Liz smiles and approaches.

Leah smiles back and says Hi. How are you enjoying this hook-up fest?

Liz rolls her eyes and laughs. Pretty much sucks. Was about to leave but….

Leah, realizing she was standing there smiling like an idiot, interrupts her and says, what leave now and miss out on all this excitement? You can’t leave me alone to make fun of all these fools.

Liz extends her hand and flashes the sexiest smile Leah had ever seen. I’m Liz.

Leah takes her hand into hers and gets a rush of electricity. I’m Leah. Honestly I am so glad you’re here, I hate being the token lez in the group.

Liz laughs, my pleasure. I wasn’t going to come. My friend guilted me into coming. Looks like I owe him now. I am glad I came.

Leah laughs and tells her of Stacie’s guilt tripping her too. Amazing how things work out huh.

Leah and Liz walk down towards the lake in comfortable silence enjoying the cool breeze and moonlight. Neither said a word the whole way down.

So Leah, what do you do when you aren’t wingmaning? What do you do for fun?

Fun? Well, I got shot at during a domestic dispute Monday and almost got stabbed by a junkie Thursday. That was a riot.

Jesus, either you’re a cop, or you got some crazy kinks Liz says as she spits her beer out laughing.

Leah raises an eyebrow and flashes a flirty smile, yes.

Yes what Liz smiles back.

I am a cop and I have some crazy kinks. Leah shoots her a grin.

Liz turns and looks at Leah and takes a step closer, are you flirting with me officer?

Leah smiles and steps towards her in return I am. Problem?

Liz grabs Leah and presses her hard against a tree. Leans up against her and softly whispers, not at all. Unless if I resist you will frisk me.

A shiver runs down Leah's body as she runs her hands up Liz’s torso to her neck. Patting her down. Smiling knowing that although she is being funny it’s turning Liz on in the process. Liz wraps her hands around Leah's waist and kisses her softly at first, testing the reaction. Leah moans and leans in. This ignites something primal in Liz. They kiss again. This time a little more aggressive. Leah bites and tugs on Liz’s bottom lip as she runs her hand through her hair.

Liz lets out a low growl as lust overtakes her. Leah feels Liz’s fingers find her jeans button then stops. Not here. Liz takes her hand and leads her to her tent, unzips it, and they step in.

Leah hungry and throbbing at this point grabs Liz and their lips reunite once more. This time at a dangerous almost violent level. Liz senses Leah is not just going to lay down and be a good girl. Oh no, she’s a top. Challenge accepted. Things are about to get interesting.

Liz grabs Leah's shirt and pulls it off in one single quick motion. Immediately sinking her teeth into her bare shoulder. Leah moans out as she tugs and pulls Liz’s belt off. She undoes her pants, and they drop to the ground. Leah lowers her hand from Liz’s neck to her boxers and slides her hand down them cupping Liz feeling how hot and wet she has become. Liz undoes Leahs bra and leans down to lick and tug on her nipple while she removes Leahs pants and underwear.

They drop to their knees and Liz caresses her kissing her chest and stomach. Leah smiles and without even hesitating lays down and lets Liz take control. Willingly. She doesn’t want her to stop.

She needed Liz to touch her so bad it was almost hostile. Leah was fighting hard, but not fighting Liz…. Pulling her closer breathlessly kissing her, nails tearing into her back and shoulder.

Leah could feel Liz’s hesitation to take control. She could feel she was holding back. Not wanting to push too hard. Not wanting to put Leah in a situation she wasn’t used to. They both are dominant tops. This is new territory for Leah. But she didn’t care. She wanted to feel Liz take her into her mouth and explore her inside and out. She wanted to submit.

Leah reaches up and roughly grabs Liz by the hair and shoves her down. Liz lets out a loud moan almost guttural damn near barbaric. She was happy to oblige.

Backs arched, nailed dug deep, legs shaking, hearts racing…. Don’t stop Leah screams out. She reaches back to grab a wall, a pillow, anything to brace her for the orgasm that was about to hit hard. She grabs the tent pole pulling it hard bringing the tent down on them as she releases, screaming out a loud moan.

Neither of them cared or even noticed the fact the tent had collapsed onto them until Stacy appeared out of nowhere yelling “HEY” thinking Leah was being attacked. Leah and Liz both burst into laughter as they simultaneously yell back go away. Stacy laughs too and says hell yeah it's about time, get you some as she and Chris walk away.

Liz stops briefly only to repair the now completely downed tent. Leah smiles and says damn you sure know how to bring down the house. Liz without skipping a beat replies with ba dum tss. Leah laughs and thinks to herself damn it why does she have to be perfect.

Tent fixed and Liz craws back onto Leah to continue and Leah grins and says oh I don’t think so. She grabs Liz and rolls her over and buries herself between her legs taking her completely into her mouth. Liz being foreign to this position of submission lays there motionless for a second. It all happened so fast, but she didn’t mind. She was experiencing something she had craved her whole life but never knew she needed. She was giving herself to someone for the first time, and she loved it.

Liz reaches down and runs her hand through Leah's hair as she continues to pleasure her. With every flick of her tongue, Liz would moan. Grabbing her head drawing her in closer, deeper, harder. A familiar feeling rushes over her almost immediately. Trying to hold out, wanting to prolong this amazing feeling as long as she can. But there was no holding back. Liz explodes in a fiery rage and lust-filled climax that shacks the ground the tent was on. Leah held on for dear life as Liz clamps her thighs around her shoulders pulling her in tighter.

Once Liz had finally released and calmed down Leah crawled up and laid on top of her, head on chest listening to the roar of her heart pounding inside her chest. Liz wrapped her arms around her and held her so close and so delicately. Was such a familiar, natural feeling. As if they had laid this way a hundred times before.

They held each other in complete silence, both nervously waiting for the other to awkwardly come up with an excuse to hurriedly get dressed and leave. But neither did. No, both just laid there in each other’s arms and just enjoyed the night breeze.

Finally, Liz speaks up and says, are you hungry? I had actually planned to order some pizza and watch Vikings. Would you like to come to my place and join me? Leah’s eyes widen. She smiles and says do you by chance like Fritos and beer? Liz say ohh hell yes that's my go to snack, why? Leah softly laughs then smiles and say ohh no reason just had to ask. Yes, I'd love to.


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Magnolia Long

I am just a girl who loves life and is willing to share my adventures with you all.

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