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Just Grubbin Series: Mo's Inaugural BBQ Draft

Mo has had a lit summer of BBQ, so he decided to rank what he's tried so far.

By Just GrubbinPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Mo coaching up his number 1 pick

**Mo Hall is part of the JG blogging team and has eaten A LOT of BBQ this summer. So he decided to give us his "best of" list of what he's tried indulged in so far. Instead of your normal "Power Rankings" he went with a professional sports draft format.**

...... And now for your blogging pleasure, the JGL (JustGrubbinLeague) presents to you: The South Jersey Region BBQ Draft. There's been a lot of anticipation leading up to this draft. A lot of names have been shuffling around at the top, but today we get right to the bone and gristle of all the speculation. Many people had favorites like More Than Q, who started out strong early, at the top of their boards. During the course of the season though we have witnessed some late bloomers that may change the outcome of this draft. The Grubbers have many areas of need in its BBQ department, but let's see what they decide to address first.

Areas of Need/Criteria

  • Location
  • Taste
  • Service
  • Price

I think the first pick is in folks!

#1 Overall Pick - Sugarpuddin's located in Lindenwold,NJ

With the first selection in the BBQ draft the Grubbers choose; out of Lindenwold, NJ, the self-proclaimed "the best ribs this side of Missouri" .........Sugarpuddin's!!!

Ladies and gentlemen this a shocker. A lot of analysts had others such as Local Smoke or More Than Q coming off their boards first, but it looks like Sugarpuddin's late push was strong enough to separate themselves from the rest. They graded out at the top of our Litness Test and were the best fit in our areas of need.

#2 Overall Pick - Local Smoke BBQ located in Cookstown, NJ

Now onto our next pick of the draft. With the second selection in the JGL BBQ Draft, the Grubbers choose out of Cookstown, NJ, Local Smoke BBQ.

Wow, Chuck, this draft is really being shaken up. The early favorite More Than Q has fallen all the way out of the first two rounds. They were very similar and this pick could've gone either way but in the end, location and price were the deciding factors in this. I don't know, though, they are BYOB so maybe their fall was alcohol related. Let's see how the rest of this plays out.

#3 Overall Pick - More Than Q located in Lambertville, NJ

This brings us to our next round, with the third selection in this year's draft the Grubbers take out of Lambertville, NJ, More Than Q. They are finally off the board and with good reason. They graded out at the top of our Litness Test in taste and service but took a fall due to their location being an hour away. We are in our last round of the draft and there isn't much left on the board let's find who the Grubbers are leaning towards.

#4 Overall Pick - Whole Hog Cafe located in Medford, NJ

With the fourth selection in the BBQ Draft out of Medford, NJ, the Grubbers choose Whole Hog Cafe! Holy shit.

Out of nowhere and left off of everyone's board Whole Hog Cafe has crept from out the shadows. Every analyst had Eat Street BBQ going in the fourth but a relative unknown has caught the attention of Team Grub. Well yes, Eat Street worked out for Team Grub but they just didn't see them as being the right fit to be taken in the fourth. They liked what they've seen on tape from Whole Hog and will be taking a gamble for the future with this selection.

This concludes our draft for this summer but we will see who makes the final cuts and what undrafted free agents will emerge during the course of OTAs.

-Undrafted Free Agents List-

Eat Street BBQ

Red, Hot, and Blue

Sweet Lucy's Smoke House

The Smoke-N-Grill

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