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Eating In The Grainger Market Newcastle

Lots Of Gorgeous Things to Enjoy In The Grainger Market

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Grainger Market


When I first came to Newcastle I found the Grainger Market, full of cheap tat and greasy spoon eateries. That was thirty years ago.

Since the millennium it has come on in leaps and strides and you can buy clothing, esoteric stuff, fresh fruit and meat and much more. This is about my favourite places to eat there, that is the places I have eaten so far, with pictures if I have saved any and links if the places have their own website or Facebook page.

When you go into a restaurant and have a favourite meal you often stick with that because you know how good it is, despite the other temptations on the restaurant menu, and going into the Grainger Market is the same with places to eat.

I have written about places here before including a poem about The Grainger Market and will share some other links to Grainger-related things I have done at the end.

This was a poem I did for a competition that Newcastle University set

The Grainger Market is next to Eldon Square which has a lot of places to eat, but most of them are chains, so you could be eating anywhere.

There are lots of places that I still haven't sampled and probably many that I have forgotten so check out the Grainger Market Site to see how many places there are. Two great ones that have moved are MeatStack (incredible burgers) to the Bigg Market, and The Bake (Lebanese gorgeous food) to, of all places) The Eldon although they have a few places around Newcastle.

Something From The Bake

So I will start with a place that is not actually in the Grainger Market but part of the Grainger Market building.

No 28 is an unusual almost exotic-looking pub that is accessed through one of the entrances just off Nun Street. They are always very welcoming, for drinks and their ever-changing menu always has something interesting to try.

I once shared a picture of the Helmut Newton picture that adorns their wall to Instagram, that then shared to Facebook and got me a seven-day ban. I told them about it and they said they had been banned as well. You can see the picture in their intro video on their site and also if you visit.

Sparkly Things In No 28 and the top of that Helmut Newton picture

Pet Lamb have absolutely gorgeous cakes and sweet things and they always tempt me when I am in the Grainger Market. This is a photo of some of their cake that I may have sampled.

Snackwallah is an amazing place which serves vegan Indian street food. When I worked in Newcastle centre this was where I ate most dinner times, but now I work from home I still get in from time to time and the food is still amazing.

This was a villanelle that I wrote for them after chatting with Rachel:

Eating At Snackwallah

Pizza Slice is great to get a slice of excellent pizza on the go, and you can sit and eat if you are so inclined. I often frequent this pace. It is cash only but great value.

I think they have three types of pizza, that's it. Someone said to me t2But they've only got three types of pizza". I replied "Look at the queue mate, look at the queue". They definitely know their market.


Apologies for everyone that I have missed, but if you are ever in Newcastle you should check it out yourself. One of those is Acropolis a Greek place which was always full when I went.

There are many traditional British fare places where I have enjoyed an all-day breakfast, and lots of Asian cuisine places where I have had some delightful food at.

These are a couple of excellent non-food places that are worth visiting in The Grainger Market.

The music is "Let's Eat" by Nick Lowe's Last Chicken In The Shop

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  • Mariann Carrollabout a month ago

    I wonder how many restaurants have you wrote about. This was great !

  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    So Grainer Markete will be in my list of places must to visit , when I go to new castle. Good style of description simple and natural.

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