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Brat Kink? Is it a Thing? It Just Might Be... Okay?

Because I get off on being annoying to my love bug...

By Keanna Barry Published 3 months ago 3 min read
Kinky Brats stay winning.

“A-whoo-hooooo.” - your werewolf sounds that is like music to my ears and my favourite sounds ever and is what makes me love my soulmate so much.

Two goofy kids in love. Is what we are.

Every time you're mad i'll lick your nose.

or i'll pout till YOU'RE the One CRYING!~!!

*situation: soulmate is upset and is hating them self*



Does soulmate need "PUNISHMENT" or a "WHOLE LOTTA LOVIN?"

I am the type that does both. ;)

To punish love bug i need a pillow and him distracted long enough that i can smash his face in with the pillow.

I eventually tried. He looks mad!

I had to take a whacking for that.

He even made me stay in timeout.

But now will I randomly attack him in a wrestling match? Even though i know the rules.

Because every time i have to ask to wrestle i lose every single freaking round!!

Love bug still needs to be punished. Yet my buttox are on fire and I should probably watch myself before he whacks me again for it. *biggest poutiest face ever*

I'd whack his face but I'm not a warrior over here. I don't test the waters every time but sometimes i do feel daring!

Maybe even a little bit too daring.

So i walk towards him and he is to my dismay on guard! So instead of tossing a fist i beg for a kiss.

He just is not pleased. But him being down on himself is something i don't like so i ask to sit in his lap so I can look into his lovely brown eyes and hold him by the chin and tell him he's lucky he doesn't anger me. With another random lick to his nose i give him a long smile and ask if needs a whole lot of loving or to tickle fight. He answered lots of loving when i was hoping to tickle him. *Pouts at the man even though we both cannot stand getting tickled*

But i just want to hear him giggle like a little kid and see his goofy smile as i attack him with my fury of having unlimited time to tickle him. I remember this one time we got into it and it was almost as though he was going to have an asthma attack with the way he was laughing so hard and ended up coughing too.

I find that being a brat is just another personality trait and unfortunately for the guy in my life I will never stop!!

I end up straddling him and pin his arms up but only long enough for me to get a single tickle in...

He laughs and flips me over so now I'm laying on my back and he is trying to tickle me. I squirm and laugh out loud as he succeeds at tickling me.

I'm laughing and struggling to get from underneath him. He pins both my hands together with one hand and the other hand is found with his fingers curled to be a tickle machine on me.


That was all fiction.

I don't have a love bug. Or a "BAE". Or a bf. Or a husband. Or a playmate.

My muse is my muse but because my body is not a virgin and quietly is know as a prostitute my muse only looks good in my dreams...

My heart is so closed off and what makes it worse is his resentment towards me and my mistakes will truly follow me around for life which makes me so sad and makes me wish i could fall in love all over again since i need a muse that is pure and would never make me feel alone, or unwanted or not loved anymore because that is how truly me and him actually have been since he made me surrender my mistakes and bad doings.

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