Victor Trammell

Mr. Trammell is a digital media producer and author who has covered stories about current events for the Your Black World online news network and the Michael Baisden Show. He currently serves as Senior Editor for NOMA UNlimited Media LLC.

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Beyoncé Organizes BeyGOOD Houston Relief Effort in the Aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
2 years ago
Singer and megastar Beyoncé has followed through on her vow to provide significant assistance, which will go toward the disaster relief efforts in Southeast Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey's aft...
The Hidden Horrors of Hurricane Harvey
2 years ago
Over the past several days, America's vast collective of national media sources have bombarded the viewing public with an overwhelming volume of reports about the travesties currently going on in Sout...
Shooting at Veteran Sacramento Rapper's Video Shoot Kills One and Injures Four
2 years ago
One person is dead and four others suffered serious injuries after bullets were sprayed at Sacramento, California's Meadow View Park around 2:30 PM on Sunday (August 27, 2017). According to KXTV-10, a...
Fox to Air Investigative Report on its TV Network Titled "Who Shot Biggie & Tupac?"
2 years ago
In its own way, the June 15, 2017 release of the Tupac Shakur biopic All Eyez On Me helped the world revisit the life, trials, and untimely death of one of the most iconic figures in American music hi...
Wu-Tang Clan's RZA and Rapper Common Reunite for "Black Samurai" TV Series
2 years ago
Two of hip-hop's most legendary figures will soon be having a reunion of sorts, which involves acting and producing, not beats and rhymes. This latest project is based on a book series popularized in ...
Bay Area "Hyphy Music" Pioneer Shot Multiple Times in Richmond, CA
2 years ago
Another rap artist from California's famed Bay Area found himself on the opposite side of an assailant's gun after a dangerous incident where local police have a limited amount of details. Charles "Ke...