Victor Trammell

Mr. Trammell is a digital media producer and author who has covered stories about current events for the Your Black World online news network and the Michael Baisden Show. He currently serves as Senior Editor for NOMA UNlimited Media LLC.

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Bay Area "Hyphy Music" Pioneer Shot Multiple Times in Richmond, CA
2 years ago
Another rap artist from California's famed Bay Area found himself on the opposite side of an assailant's gun after a dangerous incident where local police have a limited amount of details. Charles "Ke...
Southern Rap Mogul Master P is the New Owner of a Professional Basketball Team
2 years ago
Hip-hop music has been the conduit for a number of renaissance men who utilize their platform as rappers in order to successfully propel themselves into various other business endeavors. Rap impresari...
SoundCloud Avoids a Total Shutdown
2 years ago
One of the biggest digital music sharing platforms in the world was able to prevent itself from totally going under due to some last minute business decisions. The Industry Observer reported on Friday...
Credit Card Debt In America Reaches an All-Time High; Surpasses $1 Trillion Again
2 years ago
Consumers in the good old United States of America have reached a sad milestone in their "buy now, pay later" spending culture. A ton of media coverage in the national financial news sector has been f...
Draining the Swamp
2 years ago
In American society, there are some careers, which may be very lucrative that people just aren't able to do forever. Professional athletes, commercial airline pilots, supermodels, even artists in cert...