Salvador Lorenz

Thinking in nodes of progress, futurism, science, culture, and existence. I experience life in a number of ways, pertaining to mathematical concepts mixed with rich flavors of art.

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The iOttie iON Charging Station Is Functional and Stylish
8 months ago
It may sound a little spoiled, but it's true. Aesthetics are important for everything from products to packaging. For the most part, we have everything we need, so if a company wants to make their pro...
Why Should You Learn Ruby on Rails?
8 months ago
I'm going to be very frank: There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't learn Ruby on Rails (RoR). If you love technology and computers, want to learn how to create robust apps, and hate boring ta...
Why Learn Java?
9 months ago
There's no denying that learning a new language can be daunting; and software programming languages are just that, languages that you have to put the time in to learn. Luckily the benefits easily outw...
Reasons Why Ethereum Will Change the World
10 months ago
If you are into cryptocurrency or decentralized applications, you might already know that Ethereum will change the world. If you have no idea what those words I just wrote mean, an overview starting w...
Inspirational Books that Will Change Your Life
a year ago
Often times in life, we are searching for a direction, a sign, a source of inspiration. This need for inspiration can pertain to health, a career path, or any variety of life chances and choices. Are ...
Best Sports Podcasts of 2018
a year ago
Podcasts have been blessing our ears for years. Instead of listening to talk radio and top 40 hits on our morning commute, we have the option to tune into our favorite broadcasters and experts through...