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How to Fix Your Facebook News Feed

If you're starting to get annoyed by the waves of news viewed on social media, it's about time you fix your Facebook news feed.

By Salvador LorenzPublished 5 years ago 6 min read
Top Story - April 2018

Facebook hasn't only recently come under fire for its news feed issues and ad blocks, it's been hampered by these issues for quite some time. You might not have been experiencing it as much as others, since it is a relatively new problem to the world of social media in general, but there are ways around it. You can utilize a number of internal and external keys that will help to debunk this issue on your main social media platform (if Facebook is your main platform, of course).

Due to the fact that Facebook temporarily blocks new apps from joining its platform, many have speculated this as an app-edemic and the downfall of the platform. It's been clear and growing ever-evident that the more we draw closer to the fall of net neutrality, the less free our social media use will be. That's only one way how the end of net neutrality will change the internet, but another very well might be Facebook's news feed, which can easily be amended simply by following these few steps.

See First

You can easily fix your Facebook news feed simply by toggling what you see first on the sight. Most people either forgot about this neat feature, or have simply ignored it throughout their time on the social media platform.

It's probably the most useful tool in the Facebook arsenal, for it allows you to specify exactly who and what you want to see first when opening the site. Go to "News Feed Settings" in your Facebook drop-down menu, then click on "Prioritize" and choose the names of people whose posts you'd like to see most.

"On This Day" Reminders

There's another more important concept when you're trying to fix your Facebook news feed; "on this day." These are a set of reminders prepared and alerted by Facebook concerning certain important dates, most of which aren't actually as important as you may think.

Chances are your Facebook news feed is being ruined by this feature, but there's no need to worry. You can easily remedy this situation, especially when you're alerted of sad anniversaries you'd much rather not see, if you go to "On This Day" page and click on "Preferences," then choose individual dates and/or people you'd like to be reminded of, or simply turn it off by choosing a period from before you joined the social media site to a day in the future.

Remove Politics from Chrome

Plugins are awesome. They can make surfing the internet far more than just a simple breeze, they give you features and tools that allow for a wide variety of options to choose from. However, they may also be hampering your news feed and you don't even know it.

To fix your Facebook news feed, there's a Facebook extension that's called "Remove All Politics from Facebook." It's as simple as a download, then takes nearly two seconds to eliminate all political banter from your news feed. It looks specifically for keywords that deal with US politics, a list of which can be viewed in the drop down menu after completing the download.

Other Browser Extensions

Facebook's "Remove All Politics" isn't the only browser extension you can utilize to fix your Facebook news feed. You can download a ton of different plugins and other extensions that will benefit your overall news feed, one of which is called Social Fixer.

Similar to "Remove All Politics," Social Fixer allows you to adjust and customize your news feed in a variety of ways. It can also ensure you're not endlessly scrolling over page after page of nonsense, or reading articles you're simply not interested in. It can also be used to hide certain Facebook features, like the "Trending" sidebar and other Facebook components.

Give Feedback

This is probably your most beneficial route in the trial to fix your Facebook news feed, since telling them what you want to see is the cleanest and swiftest way to rid yourself of unwanted posts and articles.

I'm not just talking about stupid political nonsense, "fake news" or the like. I'm talking about anything to everything. Every post on your news feed has a feature that allows you to tell Facebook, to its face, how you feel about the post. Instead of hiding how you feel, maybe it's best to tell them just what you'd like to see different?

Hide Post

Or, you can just hide your feelings to fix your Facebook news feed. It's literally called "Hide Post," and will ensure that any other post that's similar, or somewhat close to the original are all blocked thereafter.

Most people tend to completely forget about this feature, but it's the most powerful in fixing your Facebook. Simply click on "Hide Post," the same way you'd post your own feedback on the post as aforementioned. It's that simple.

Editing Options

Maybe it's not even you, maybe it's Facebook that's the issue. While you might want to see more posts on your friends and family, instead you're seeing more things on completely different concepts. This has become a major problem with the way the new Facebook prioritizes posts internally.

Instead of showcasing all, or at least most of the posts you would want to see, Facebook internally sets those that are of people and places you visit on Facebook more routinely. To fix your Facebook new feed, go to the Home page and select "Most Recent" from your news feed. Then, after clicking "Edit Options," select "Show Posts From" and choose "All Of Your Friends and Pages." From there you can either continue editing who or what posts you see.

Quit Adding Randos

You know, most would think it's an internal issue, but half of the time our social media woes stem from our own stupidity. This is obviously an individual issue, but most of us tend to ignore who we're adding to our social media, often through our own volition or through Facebook friend requests.

Don't ignore this, as the best way to fix your Facebook news feed is simply knowing who and what your adding to your social media circles. This goes for any and all other sites you may be using beyond even Facebook, since the people you add and the people who add you are what you'll be seeing most when previewing the site.


I understand you have friends and priorities. I also can see how you may want to be able to fix your Facebook news feed, and unfortunately there's no way to make them both work in the same light.

Yes, there are a great variety of ways to fix your news feed, but in my opinion, unfriending those who have opinions you don't want to see is probably your best bet. So what if unfollowing people is the new silent treatment. It's fundamental in how to de-clutter your social media accounts and survive the internet age.

Blocking Posts

There is also another way to fix your Facebook news feed without having to block anyone. There's a little known feature under the "News Feed Preferences" where you can literally block a Facebook post simply by choosing "Unfollow people to hide their posts."

It's not that hard to clean up your Facebook news feed, you just need to know the right features and components to do it correctly. Blocking posts isn't the same as unfriending people, it's actually better since they'll have no idea you're not even paying attention to their reposts and political opinions.

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