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I watch shit horror movies so you don't have to.  I post new reviews every Wednesday and Sunday, so stay tuned =D

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Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Creeping Corruption' (2019)
3 days ago
My GOD Madness Heart! Where the FUCK you been for the last 10 years? I’ve been in desperate need of strong gripping horror narrative, and frankly, I’m disappointed it took you so long to feed my cravi...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'The Banshee Chapters' (2013)
13 days ago
Hunter S. Thompson and a journalist team up to fight aliens from another dimension ... Not literally, but pretty much. The character of Thomas Blackburn is pretty much just Hunter S. Thompson. Kinda h...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Yellowbrickroad' (2010)
13 days ago
Great low budget film! I’m calling it right now. This is a Reed Alexander "Must Watch." And here’s the thing, it’s partially found footage which I HATE. But here it doesn’t matter. I mean, the charact...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Bird Box' (2018)
15 days ago
Let me preface this by saying I've never been impressed with Sandra Bullock as an actress. From Speed to Miss Congeniality, I've always looked at her acting career in general as meh. In my opinion, th...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'We Are Still Here' (2015)
15 days ago
This movie was trying my fucking patience. It was so melodramatic and brooding for the first 20 minutes. It was almost a French art film. Fuck, I think there were four lines total in the first 20 minu...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Jason X' (2002)
20 days ago
I honestly can't understand why fans of the franchise hate on Jason X so much. They act like the first seven movies are somehow amazing masterpieces in horror. A long ass time ago, I did a full review...