Reed Alexander

The world is one marvelous catastrophe waiting to happen. When humanity is long gone, I hope my work is found by intergalactic explores so they can learn about the great failed experiment called human society (a sort of "I told you so").

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Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Don't Kill It' (2016)
6 days ago
This movie was made for riffing... Or, at least it had better have been, that's what I spent the whole movie doing. This movie was utter nonsense and Dolph Lundgren's cowboy accent is its icing on the...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'American Movie' (1999) and 'Coven' (1997)
8 days ago
I'm here to talk about something I actually found intensely inspiring. I should preface first by saying that I'm not a believer of the American dream. I do believe in hard work, but I know anyone who ...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Cult of Chucky' (2017)
9 days ago
Okay, I like this movie for two very important reasons. One, it respected the fact that Chucky is barely two feet tall and can't weigh more than 20 fucking pounds. He remained a stealth killer through...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'Thirst' (2015)
10 days ago
Holy hell, this movie was bad! I actually kinda liked it, but man was it fucking bad. I have to say, just to make it perfectly clear, this movie is "Sci-Fi channel original" bad. We’re way beyond B-ho...
'Bend or Break'
11 days ago
This is the first book I published. While I usually do horror, in this case it was more of a dark action thriller. It centers around an antihero who has learned the ability to bend reality. He has bee...
Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'The Disappointment Room' (2016)
13 days ago
This had to be the most appropriately named movie of all time. You, too, can have a room full of disappointments, your living room, as you watch this total riff fest. We didn't stop harping on the tit...