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Reed Alexander's Horror Review of 'No One Will Save You' (2023)


By Reed AlexanderPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

You know what was super neat about this movie? It takes place in modern times. It's hard to tell at first but then you see the main character has a flat-screen TV and a c.a. 2010's Subaru. But for the most part, the setting is pretty old fashioned. Rotary phone, old appliances, c.a. 70's garments; the kind of thing that gives the movie a retro feel. It's kinda like It Follows (2014), how the setting is 70's but they have modern things like cellphones. It actually gives the movie a feel kinda like Pearl (2022). It feels very Pleasant Valley Sunday. Like a 1950's sitcom, not a horror movie. The setting gives it sorta a zany vibe. It really makes the atmosphere tangible and interesting. It also gives the movie a much more creepy feel than it might have in a modern setting like Dark Skies (2013). Old stuff is just creepy and it really helps the atmosphere.

The plot is a classic, alien abduction and all that, but they made the effort to layer the plot without taking away from it. It's similar to Nope! (2022), there's this whole second story about the history of the character as a kid, but this time it's actually attached to the main plot, rather than being a weird second movie the plot keeps cutting away to. I have to talk about it later in the spoilers. But for the most part, the movie does alien abductions well, all by itself without needing to be layered.

And holy crap this movie has good acting for horror. Like, maybe even some award-winning levels. I haven't actually decided on that point, but the acting is really good. There is almost NO dialog to speak of. I tried to keep count but it was something like only 3 or 4 words are said in the whole movie. For the most part, the movie is just emoting. Facial expressions like nervous tension, moments of joy, or moments of terror. Without saying one damn word, there are scenes that are just fucking moving. This also lends to the atmosphere as everything is so... quiet. That makes every loud noise that much more jarring. Kaitlyn Dever goes through just about every scene not saying a word and still selling each scene with her reactions alone.

I think I'm gonna give this movie a 'must watch' rating. At least for Horror Heads. It's actually super good for horror. I'm pretty sure it's going on my "All Time Top" horror list. Probably pretty low on the list, but still on the list.


So, the whole time the plot is running, we keep getting glimpses of the main character Brynn's history with another girl named Maude when they were kids. They keep sending subtle hints about an incident with Maude that has the locals, especially Maude's parents, pretty upset with Brynn. It really defines who Brynn is as a character and tempers Brynn's reactions to alien abduction as a plot element. It kinda makes sense that Brynn goes ham on the alien intruders. She clearly doesn't want to give up her home and place of business. We know this because the town clearly doesn't want her there and she refuses to leave. It shows she's independent and is used to taking care of herself. But it always feels like there's something deeper going on with the level of grit Brynn seems to have. Well, as it turns out, Brynn is a fucking psycho. The 'incident' that caused all the locals to hate her, is that she straight up murdered her best friend in cold blood. Brynn apparently has one hell of a temper.

But it goes DEEPER than that. Brynn straight-up tears a fucking mind-control parasite out of her throat because of how obsessed she was with Maude that, mind you, she fucking murdered. There is something deeply fucked up about Brynn, to the point where, at the end, the aliens spare her because of how hardcore she is. The aliens have a fucking conversation about it. They don't translate it, but I can imagine it went something like this.

"What is this woman's fucking deal?"

"Yeah, seriously, she's killed four of us, including her clone and Big Stan."

"Probe her mind, see what the fuck is going on in there."

"Holy shit, this cold-blooded bitch just killed the love of her life!"

"Fuck, just let her have the fucking house."

This wasn't just an abduction. This was a full-scale invasion. The aliens were coming to implant brain-controlling parasites into the human race. They are clearly both physically and technologically capable of taking humans the fuck out, but this little psycho holds them off for several hours, killing multiple of them. They basically talk it over and just decide to leave her the fuck alone. That's how the movie ends. With this psycho living happily amongst all the brainwashed humans. That goes pretty fucking hard as a lunatic.

I really can't recommend this movie enough. Y'all should watch it.

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