Rebecca Sharrock

I'm an autistic person who is making a career from writing, public speaking and advocacy work. 

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My First Four Christmases
a month ago
Throughout my childhood, my personal view of Christmas literally changed with every passing year. Yet I’ll begin with my first four which occurred when I was 0-3 years old. On my first Christmas, I wa...
Autism and Special Interests
2 months ago
Due to a vast increase in diagnoses of autism (in addition to greater public awareness), children and adults with the condition are widely known to have what has been appropriately termed as “Special ...
Through the Eyes of a Toddler
3 months ago
I’ve previously written a blog called “Through the Eyes of a Newborn.” Now I’ll do the same kind of thing, except for it being about the next phase of my life, which was my toddler years. I’ll begin w...
Us Humans Are Too Curious for Our Own Good
4 months ago
When the New Horizons space probe launched in 2007 I couldn’t wait for it to reach Pluto in 2015 and finally reveal many secrets of that mysterious dwarf planet. Once that time came I was fascinated t...
Being A Writer And Speaker
5 months ago
As a career I write blogs and books (currently I’m working on a book called My Life is a Puzzle), as well as doing public talks at schools and in the community. When I tell people that I do this as a ...
Learning to Walk
5 months ago
Developing the ability to walk and talk were two of the biggest milestones of my life. As I mentioned in a recent blog I recall practicing vocal sounds almost from the moment I left the womb. Yet the ...