Rebecca Sharrock

I'm an autistic person who is making a career from writing, public speaking and advocacy work. 

What Exactly is the Point of HSAM Research?
a day ago
In the year 2000, a woman named Jill Price approached Dr. James McGaugh at the University of California, Irvine. She expressed that she had an unusual memory in which she would involuntarily relive he...
I Constantly Relive My Past, Emotionally
8 days ago
In May 2013, the University of California, Irvine identified me as having HSAM (Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory). HSAM is an extremely rare kind of memory that makes a person able to recall al...
What Does Being Unable To Forget Feel Like?
17 days ago
Whenever people hear that I’m unable to forget any day of my life, I often receive questions as to how it feels to live with all of those memories, and about whether or not my mind rests at all. My an...
Memories and Harry Potter
20 days ago
It was the year 1999 and hardly anybody (compared to now, at the very least) in Australia knew that there was such a thing as Harry Potter. I’d definitely never heard of the Harry Potter series in our...
Everyone Wants Happiness
24 days ago
In life, we all seem to desire our own individual things. It may be about money, family, romance, friendships, anything to do with ourselves physically, or an ideal career. However, everything mention...
Autism Isn't Abnormal
a month ago
The definition of a disability is to be someone with certain characteristics that are different to most people. A neurotypical person on the other hand is defined to have characteristics that fit soci...