Peter Ellis

21, living in England. A keen lover of films, video games and music. Some would argue I'm too sarcastic for my own good. They would be right. 

Twitter: @PM_Ellis1

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Life as a Movie Extra
2 months ago
Even though I've bored a lot of my friends to death with this subject, there are still people in the world that do not know I'm an occasional film extra. It's unusual, especially in a quiet, stuck-in-...
'Life Is Strange': The Game That Broke Me
2 months ago
In the early days of 2018, a little game called Life Is Strange popped up as a freebie on PlayStation Plus. Incapable of saying no to something free (except STDs), I gave it a go. For those of you who...
It's More Than Just a Game
3 months ago
Last night, England went out of the 2018 World Cup after a semi-final defeat to Croatia. A game of two very different halves before extra time, England possibly could've wrapped the game up and been t...
The Worst of the 'Star Wars' Fan Base Are at It Again
4 months ago
A long time ago in a galaxy really quite near, George Lucas gave us the first Star Wars, and thus caused all nerds everywhere to explode with B-movie glee as the rest of the world started to think the...
Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino Review
5 months ago
It seems that there will be two very distinct groups of people who will be reading this review. The first group is the small gathering of people I can rely on to read my articles regardless, the other...
'Avengers: Infinity War'—Review
6 months ago
It's nigh-on impossible to understate just how much is riding on Infinity War. Fans have followed the Marvel Cinematic Universe across 19 movies for the last ten years. Everything that's come before h...