Patricia Sarkar

Raised on a steady diet of makeup and games. Eager to share my experiences with the world and make a difference, article by article! :)

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10 Most Popular Retro Adventure Games You Need to Play
4 days ago
When it comes to gaming, there are just those games that will always be forever in the hearts and minds of gamers. Some of the most popular retro adventure games are still an absolute blast to play to...
Most Popular Collectible Card Games
15 days ago
Introduced to the world in the year of 1993, collectible card games (or trading card games) created a stepping stone for the gaming world and have continued to do so throughout history. From fantasy, ...
Here’s What Happened When I Tried GLAUX CHEM® Face & Body Oil for My Eczema
17 days ago
“Uh, what’s that on your neck?” My boss had asked me this as I got ready to put on my jacket and get started with the day at work. I looked up at her and immediately felt my face burn with embarrassme...
The Worst Gaming Consoles Ever Made
24 days ago
Gaming elicits passion in so many people. Everyone has their opinion about the best systems, but even more have their opinions about the worst gaming consoles in existence. Video games have become suc...
Health Issues Associated With Smoking And How To Prevent Them
a month ago
Cigarette smoking accounts for more than 480,000 deaths annually in the United States. This is almost one in every five deaths. No wonder that smokers are interested in ways to reduce the health risks...
Golden Tickets for Alumni Turns a Night Out at an Event Into an Opportunity to Give Back
a month ago
Going to college is something that changes you, and anyone who has been there can attest to it. It’s a place where you transformed from a shy high schooler to a fully-fledged adult. It’s a place where...