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Here’s What Happened When I Tried GLAUX CHEM® Face & Body Oil for My Eczema

My eczema was killing me. After too many problems, I decided to give GLAUX CHEM® a try. This is what happened after a month of use.

By Patricia SarkarPublished 5 years ago 4 min read
Top Story - November 2018

“Uh, what’s that on your neck?”

My boss had asked me this as I got ready to put on my jacket and get started with the day at work.

I looked up at her and immediately felt my face burn with embarrassment. It was my eczema, and I had been trying to hide the rashes I get for the better part of my life.

That night, I went online and started to look up moisturizers when my friend showed me a review on GLAUX CHEM® Face & Body Oil. GLAUX CHEM® is a skin-care company that offers all-natural, environmentally friendly products that has rave reviews online, and only three natural ingredients: hemp oil, pomegranate oil, and carrot oil.

I decided to give it a try and use it for my eczema, and what happened afterwards was pretty awesome.

Why did I choose this product, anyway?

Being a science major in college, I like to see products that have a little bit of scientific backing to them. What made me feel comfortable about GLAUX CHEM®’s Face & Body Oil is that all the ingredients have scientific evidence that they worked.

The evidence was especially evident when it came to the oil’s effects on dryness, inflammation, and skin repair. Considering that eczema is characterized by dryness, inflammation, and damaged skin, it just seemed to be a good fit.

I also was pretty impressed by the amount of vitamins, lipids, and antioxidants found in the oil. With as much vitamin E as GLAUX CHEM® promised, I had a feeling that my skin would heal up pretty quickly.

It had hemp oil, which has been proven to reverse damage from dryness and inflammation. Being a fan of the stuff, I knew that it was an environmentally friendly compound that was great for sensitive skin. What type of skin is more sensitive than eczema?

My first impression was pretty mild.

The bottle came in the mail and when I opened up the box, I was pretty surprised. The box was petite, and the bottle seemed to be pretty nondescript. It didn’t have the medical look that embarrassed me with my last eczema treatment; it looked like a bottle I’d be happy to carry around in my purse, or showcase in my bathroom.

So, then I actually tested it out on my hands.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, gets on my nerves like greasy lotion. That’s actually why I used to spend so much money on my eczema treatment. It was the only non-greasy one I could find at the time. So, before I tried putting it on my face and neck, I decided to do a spot test on my hands.

I put a little on my palm, then rubbed my hands together. It had a slightly herbal, almost grassy smell to it that faded almost immediately. Within a minute, I noticed that my skin had no grease left over from the oil—and that my hands were super soft. My skin just drank it up!

Feeling satisfied with the initial test, I decided to apply it to my skin after I took a shower.

Like most eczema sufferers, I know the importance of applying lotion and moisturizer after a shower. So, after I cleaned myself up, I applied GLAUX CHEM®’s Face & Body Oil to my neck, face, and body. Just like before, my skin drank it all up.

I waited for about 20 minutes and then decided to touch my neck, right where the eczema was. It felt softer to the touch, and it itched far less than it usually does after a shower. Needless to say, I was incredibly pleased.

So, I started using it on the regular and started to see results.

Reading some of the other reviews online, I decided to follow the routine that I most commonly saw: using it twice a day. I used the oil once in the morning, and once at night, right after my shower.

Every day, I noticed a little change in my skin. It’d get softer. My skin would look less inflamed. Even things that I used to learn to tolerate, like the dryness and itchy burn of eczema seemed to fade away. The results continued to get more pronounced as days passed.

Oddly enough, all the oil didn’t cause a breakout!

I was worried about breakouts for a while, but after researching how my skin’s oil glands work, my worries were put to rest. As it turns out, the worst thing that you can do to skin is dry it out. Dry skin is irritated skin, and that’s the kind of skin that produces pimples. Who’d have thought?

You would think that adding all the oil to my skin would clog pores and make me break out, but it didn’t. All the oil did was just even out my skin tone, and actually nourish the parts of my skin that needed more moisture than my skin could naturally produce.

I knew that GLAUX CHEM® saved my job when my boss commented on my skin.

My boss started to comment that my skin looked “fresher” and also thanked me for getting back on my eczema medication. Little did she know that I actually just switched to something way more affordable!

Overall, it was a great choice for me.

There’s no way to beat around the bush. I love GLAUX CHEM®’s Face and Body Oil. It worked wonders on my skin and delivered on all the promises it made for gentle moisturization. It’s worth every penny.

I’m not going to say my eczema went away entirely, but I will say that breakouts have been far fewer and less extreme than they ever were before I started using it. Because of the way it’s improved my life, I strongly recommend it for anyone who has been coping with eczema or any other kind of skin condition.

Check out their online store here.


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