Patricia Sarkar

Raised on a steady diet of makeup and games. Eager to share my experiences with the world and make a difference, article by article! :)

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Game of Thrones Season 8: First Teaser Revealed
9 months ago
Game of Thrones is one of the most watched TV shows on the planet. The first seven seasons of HBO’s hit fantasy drama were watched by millions, with viewers now eagerly anticipating season 8, which will be the final season of the show. Season 8 is set to air during the first half of 2019, and fans of the show couldn’t be more excited, especially after HBO released a countdown trailer. The video footage shows Jon Snow in Winterfell, where he embraces Sansa Stark. This would make perfect sense as ...
10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going to Propose... Soon
9 months ago
It is funny to note that a lot of men begin to act noticeably odd about the same time they begin to make plans for proposing to their sweethearts. In fact, it is such a common phenomenon that there ar...
Things Wedding Planners Hate
9 months ago
DIY weddings are so popular for a number of reasons, but when you're not up for that level of stress and responsibility, a professional wedding planner can prove to be a lifesaver. However, your relat...
Best Fashion Films to Watch on Netflix Right Now
9 months ago
Netflix is home to thousands of engaging movies, television shows, and documentaries for many different audiences. There are countless Netflix must-watches on everyone's list that they haven't gotten ...
The History of the Fashion Magazine
9 months ago
For better or for worse, we’re currently living in a time when people are not reading books and magazines as much as they used to. Not because they aren’t still interested in getting as much informati...
11 Remarkable Health Benefits of Cannabis Oil Extracts
9 months ago
Cannabis oil is hailed as being an effective solution for treating various health issues as well as providing a host of health benefits. Researchers have found cannabis oil to contain two active eleme...