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10 Backpacking Tips from Experts
5 days ago
Backpacking can be exciting, meditative, beautiful, great exercise... a lot of wonderful things. If you're not properly prepared though, it can quickly turn into a disaster. Out in the wilderness, lac...
Why Are People Single Issue Voters?
5 days ago
The 2018 election was a prime example of how powerful single issue voters can be to an election. Sure, many people weighed other major considerations, including tax breaks and abortion laws, but the o...
How to Make a Powdered Eyeshadow Stick
6 days ago
Eye makeup can be the biggest hassle. With having to clean eyeshadow brushes, falling glitter, and other hazards of the powder eyeshadow, it’s no wonder so many people are turning to eyeshadow sticks ...
10 Reasons to Visit Alaska
7 days ago
While the northern reaches of the 49th state are undeniably harsh, and nearly inhabitable, during the winter months, the broad, striking beauty of this region offer many reasons to visit Alaska. From ...
Best NBA Podcasts to Listen to Right Now
8 days ago
When you're a real NBA person, just watching the games is never quite enough. You also want to be in on the behind-the-scenes drama, the hot takes, the commentary and interpretation from every side. T...
Killers Who Made Art Behind Bars
8 days ago
From disturbing sketches of their fantasies and kills, to demonic visages and eek-worthy babies, a lot of strange art has come from the minds of jailed serial killers. Some of it, as you would expect,...