Linda Paul

I retired a couple of years ago and my dog and cat strongly suggested that I find something creative to do with all my spare time. I have always been a workaholic, and my furry friends were right. I love writing, so, here I am!

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The Choice to Be Monogamous
3 months ago
I once asked a male friend of mine what men wanted in a relationship. His answer was simple and to the point. He said food, sex, and leave my shit alone. It has been my experience over the past 63 yea...
The Versatility of Rice
5 months ago
Rice is actually consumed in one form or another by half of the world’s population. Brown rice is indigenous to India. It was introduced to China more than 3,000 years B.C. Brown rice found its way to...
Whittle the Waist
5 months ago
I hated being skinny when I was a child. The other kids would tease me because my clothes were always too big. I didn’t even need a bra until I was 15, and even then it was more for show than because ...
Left or Right Brain Dominant?
5 months ago
Understanding how your brain works can definitely help you to understand why you tend to act differently than your friends and family in certain situations. Knowing that you are right brain dominant a...
A Special Kind of Love
5 months ago
I just want to tell you I love you and always will. I forgave you years ago for whatever transgressions may have happened between us. But it took seeing you dance with our daughter at her wedding to m...
Aging Pets Need TLC
5 months ago
When we adopt a cute little puppy or kitten, we generally are not thinking that at some point that puppy or kitten is going to become a senior citizen and require special care and pampering. But, the ...