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Alien Dreams

by Linda Paul 2 years ago in extraterrestrial

Was it a dream or a vision?

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I have always been totally open to things that aren't necessary scientifically proven. In fact, I tend to dwell pretty much solely in possibilities.

From the time I was a little girl, I have been fascinated about the meaning of life. I always knew that beneath the fabric of the illusion we call life, there was much, much more to be seen and felt.

Humankind is stuck in a 3D world of duality. We can only think in the language of comparisons. If something isn't good... it has to be bad. If there is darkness it is the absence of light. We are creatures of memory. We remember what a tree or a stone is, and we pass that knowledge on to our children and they pass it on to their children. It is a constant exchange of old knowledge. Therefore, can we honestly have an original thought?

We believe we are the most evolved life forms in the Universe, perhaps even the cosmos. But in reality, we are pretty basic beings. We simply don't have the capacity to travel beyond our sensory input and output.

The Shamans and indigenous people of long ago understood that there were other uncharted dimensions that could be reached through trance states. They used drumming, psychogenic herbs, and other means to achieve an other worldly state of mind. These beings could travel through time and space, retrieve lost parts of the soul, converse with their ancestors and bring back information to heal the people of their tribes and clans.

As the world progressed further and further into technological advances, we forgot all about these ancient methods of soul travel. We grounded ourselves into a state of supermarket spirituality. We learned to unlearn the secrets contained in the wisdom and guidance of our ancestors.

However, we still have to sleep. And in the realm of dreams our sub-conscious minds wander through these other dimensions. We just don't bother to hear the messages we are being given.

So, now let me tell you a story.

A few months ago I moved into a tiny cabin. It has electricity, and enough wifi to allow me to use a laptop. But, it has no plumbing and I use a wood stove for heat. I don't have a television, and nights here are like being in a sensory deprivation tank. It's very quiet and I have learned to follow the rhythms of the earth in a way I never could before.

I tend to sleep very deeply in this space. It is like a quiet meditation and I can almost remember my nighttime journeys. It's like dreaming, but a more profound experience.

One night I had a dream that I was standing by a river. But, it was unlike any river I have ever seen on earth. The moonlight lit up the river with silver peaks, like meringue on a pie. It was rippling in a sideways pattern as it slowly moved forward. I sensed that someone was beside me, but I couldn't see who it was. I looked behind me and saw a cave like opening, and I could see the vague outline of another river intersecting horizontally with the river by which I was standing.

I awoke from the "dream" with a feeling of soul deep longing. I just wasn't sure what it was I was longing for.

A few nights later I had a similar experience. I was once again standing by the river. There was a giant silver birdlike object that swooped out of the sky and landed in the river. I again sensed someone standing beside me. I turned and there was an elongated man at my side. He looked as if he was wearing his skin as an ill fitting suit. He was very tall and slender. His features seemed almost cartoon like. I tried to speak, but I didn't seem to have a voice. I felt like he was trying to communicate with me too, but he didn't seem to know how either.

I was confused and somewhat frightened so I ran down into the cave. There was a body hanging on a tree. The body looked like it was a popped balloon. A being I couldn't see plucked it off the tree and put it on. It was a woman's body and yet it wasn't. It had the same characteristics as the man I had seen earlier. It approached me and gently pushed me backwards. I came back into my physical body with a jolt, and woke myself up screaming.

Although, I am not an expert on dreams, I have taught a few dream workshops and I know basic dream interpretation. I usually can interpret my dreams as messages from my subconscious. But, this time I was stumped.

I laid back down and closed my eyes, and thoughts started to run through my head. I felt like they weren't really mine. I had the feeling that I had actually been by that river and that the beings I saw had been trying to communicate with me. I believe the reason we couldn't communicate is the same reason we can't communicate with our animal companions. We are different species.

The beings I had seen were inter-dimensional. So, for them communicating with a human would be very much like us attempting to communicate with our dog or cat. They aren't equipped to speak our language and we aren't equipped to telepathically communicate with them. The skin suits I had seen them wearing were their attempt to make us feel more comfortable around them.

I didn't sense that they were going to harm me. In fact, I think they sent me back because they sensed that I was scared and confused by what I was seeing.

I got up to have my morning coffee and realized I was mumbling out loud to myself, or maybe I was having a conversation with my unseen midnight companions. I suddenly realized that my head was throbbing. When I touched my forehead I had a good sized bump.

There was no reason at all for that bump. I hadn't bumped my head during the night. The pain got worse as the day progressed. In fact, my ear hurt and I had shooting pains down to my neck.

I went to a nearby clinic and was told that it was probably an insect bite. I didn't quite believe that, but I took the antibiotics I was offered. The pain persisted for almost two weeks on and off.

I don't know what to think. I am open to new experiences and have long been a spiritual seeker. I am also a skeptic. The two sides of me are pretty almost always at war. The spiritual seeker wants and needs to believe, while the skeptic looks for a reasonable explanation for the unexplainable events. Neither one of these sides of me usually wins.

I can only say that when I close my eyes I can still see that river and it feels more like a memory than a dream.

Linda Paul
Linda Paul
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Linda Paul

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a writer. I tend to see life as a series of snapshots and magical moments. My six children are grown now, I am retired, and I would dearly love to pursue my love of the written word.

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