Georgia de la Bertauche

Student at Staffordshire University studying Interior Design & Qualified SEO Marketer
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Join the Big Box Revolution
9 months ago
According to Big Box Co, 50% of small businesses fail in the first year. Why? Because of lack of experience and skills, regardless of how good the concept might be. Enter Big Box Co. Big Box Co have c...
Clip-On Earrings That Slay
9 months ago
There are many reasons for choosing to wear clip-on earrings. Your body might reject piercings, you might want to be able to remove your jewelry quickly, or you might simply not want to get your ears ...
Are You Ready for aCommerce?
9 months ago
You read it right, aCommerce. This is what comes after eCommerce and stands for Automated Commerce—companies using algorithms and artificial intelligence to gain more efficiency from both the side of ...
Amazing Boutique Holidays For 2018
9 months ago
Boutique Homes are basically Airbnb for those who are willing to pay a higher price point for amazing locations hosting the best of architecture, interior design and sights. So when you are planning y...
WordPress 4.9.5 Update and the 4 Most Hated UI Tricks
9 months ago
WordPress 4.9.5 Beta 1 is available for testing and comes with 23 improvements and bug fixes. An initial release was scheduled for March 20th and the final version was released on April 3rd. So what n...
Trending Textiles for 2018
10 months ago
The easiest way to refresh your home decor is by using versatile, colourful and patterned textiles that you can wrap up in during winter or lay on the grass in summer. This article focuses on the best...