Eva Beatrice

Take a moment, take a breath. What do you see? What do you feel? Let go of your fears and step out. Mistakes happen, just let go. Breathe in, breathe out. Everything will be fine.

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Pieces of Paper
9 months ago
You sat next to me. That's the first thing I remember when I think about how I got to slowly falling in love with you, but nothing actually started there. I began to look for you a long time back. Whe...
In Time
10 months ago
The years will pass you by and you’ll be left with memories of yourself trying to please others but never pleasing yourself, you will be left with the memories of a life that you spent trying to be li...
10 months ago
Walking through those white empty halls felt like levitating, but the room started to fill up and get busier as the time went by, a sense of peace followed by a rush of excitement started making its w...
a year ago
I feel quite selfish blaming it on you. But lately I've been losing myself and the only reason I seem to find for this is that you left when I needed you most, you left when I finally started to belie...
a year ago
I've been trying not to write about you. But recently your voice won't leave my head, you're always there in my mind. Thinking about you became a part of my daily routine now, and I wish I could erase...
a year ago
I didn't mean to make you smile that day. I didn't mean to think about your smile so much after I saw it the first time and I most certainly didn't mean to see you smile again, and again. That smile c...