David Wyld

Professor, Consultant, Doer. Founder/Publisher of The IDEA Publishing (http://www.theideapublishing.com/) & Modern Business Press (http://www.modernbusinesspress.com)

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Grand Theft Government
3 months ago
In my experience as a management consultant and professor, I have found that there really are three types of executives. Whether in the private or public sectors—and in the largest and smallest of org...
It's All in One Name
3 months ago
Drive around the interstate highways of the South and you see a lot of one thing. No, we're not talking about McDonald's or truck stops, though there are certainly plenty of those at seemingly every e...
The Tale of Boris, the Not So Intelligent Robot
3 months ago
Ah, the Ruskies! They are seemingly everywhere, and seemingly unstoppable these days. They are manipulating our elections, if not our President. They are invading their neighbors and flying bombers to...
Economics 101 in Action
3 months ago
You want to see how the free market works? You want to see economic principles come to life? You want to see the "invisible hand" of capitalism in action? Well, a recent story out of Pennsylvania illu...
This Is Us
4 months ago
Ahhhhh. The Christmas shopping season is upon us! And for those who manage in retail, we know that means dealing with frenzied stores, frazzled customers, and fresh on the payroll employees. The vast ...
New Mexico—It's like a State, like All the Others!
4 months ago
Believe it or not, there's a big business today that exists trying to improve something that sounds like a bad oxymoron—that is customer service in government. At all levels of government—and indeed a...