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Part 1: Would You Like A Fight With That?
19 hours ago
McDonald's is at the forefront of a growing concern over worker—and customer—safety today. Is there a solution, or is it just "the way things are today?"
Part 2: What It Takes to Stay Close to the Customer Today
4 days ago
In the first part of this article (Part 1: What It Takes to Stay Close to the Customer Today), we looked at the idea that you can—and must—stay close to your customer today. As we demonstrated, this i...
Part 1: What It Takes to Stay Close to the Customer Today
6 days ago
No doubt, Tom Peters has been the most influential author on my career as a strategic management consultant and professor. His breakout book was entitled In Search of Excellence. It was first publishe...
Being a "Big Toe" Leader
8 days ago
For many of us "of a certain age" (meaning that we carry an AARP-card in our wallet), we fondly remember the movie Stripes, which came out—believe it or not—almost four decades ago, way back in 1981. ...
The Fight in Little Phoenix
9 days ago
Trust me. We parents have all been there. The setting could be a sports field or a kitchen table. The matter at hand could be trying to hit even a slowly thrown baseball or calculating the answer to a...
Would You Like a Whopper with Your Traffic Jam?
13 days ago
We have all been there. You are sitting there on the highway. You are surrounded by a sea of other cars. You cannot see any discernible reason as to why you and hundreds, perhaps thousands of other dr...