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Part I: Should a University Have to Pay the University to Market the University?
4 hours ago
Money. Isn't that what college is all about these days? As tuitions continue to rise far, far faster than inflation, along with parental stress and student debt to cope with these ever-growing costs, ...
Stamps.com Has Nothing on This Guy!
a day ago
Shoplifting is often referred to euphemistically as "the five finger discount." According to the Urban Dictionary, the term represents "stealing" from a company. More specifically, the noun means: "To...
The Curious Case of Long Beach State...or Whatever You Call It!
4 days ago
Confusion is definitely not the desired end result of any marketing effort! So imagine the plight facing the upper administration of one particular college in California. Consider the case of Long Bea...
Rebranding a Religion
6 days ago
We have witnessed many rebranding efforts in the annals of marketing history. Some have been spectacular successes, while others, well, not so good! According to a recent Forbes article on the subject...
#MeToo Comes to the Workplace
10 days ago
One thing we know for sure today is that the rules, the norms, the expectations—in short, everything—is changing regarding interactions of men and women!
A Toys "R" Us Revival?
11 days ago
This past June, when the last Toys "R" Us stores closed, retail analysts—along with many, many "regular" people across the country—lamented what was the end of an era. There was a general consensus th...