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How #ZionsShoe Could Change Sports Branding Forever
3 months ago
It was a "pop" heard, seen and talked about around the world. Suddenly, the sports world came to a halt because in perhaps the biggest game of the year, college basketball's biggest star—well, his sho...
What Is "Fake News" in the Age of AI?
3 months ago
With all the talk about "fake news" these days, and all the concern over where and how people around the world are getting their news and information, one would think: Surely, this won't get any worse...
Good Old American Ingenuity Down on the Farm!
4 months ago
When we think of great the great technological advancements of our time, we tend to think of those that grab our collective attention because they are "sexy" and look to have a direct impact on our li...
Everybody Has a Plan Until They Get Punched in the Mouth
4 months ago
"Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth..." -------- Mike Tyson, former world heavyweight boxing champion, star of "The Hangover" movies, philosopher, convicted felon, Broadway actor...
Part 2: Today, the Equation Is Simple—Faster Internet Access Equals Greater Economic Opportunity!
4 months ago
In the first article in this series, "Part 1: Today, the Equation is Simple - Faster Internet Access Equals Greater Economic Opportunity," we looked at just how much the world or work—and our lives—ha...
Dollar Store America
4 months ago
We are in the midst of not the much ballyhooed "retail apocalypse," but a real revolution in the way America shops. Online and offline—and indeed, often trying to merge the two channels into one - we ...