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What Do Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Melania Trump Have in Common?
3 months ago
There can be no doubt that politics—for good and for bad—has come to the fore of American life in the Age of Trump. Whether online or in-person, with strangers or with family and friends, politics see...
Get Out! (...Of Our Doubletree Hotel)
3 months ago
If there is one "most unfortunate trend of 2018," other than some things we could point to in fashion, music and movies (I'm talking to you, Will Ferrell!), there is one serious trend that seriously n...
The Now Constant Crisis of Empty Seats in Sports
3 months ago
At the end of the year, we have the annual rite of publications—those on the web and those few that still remain in print—naming their top sportsperson/man/woman for the year. Most notable among all o...
A Crisis of Trust
3 months ago
It's never a bad day to be a billionaire. That goes without saying. However, Mark Zuckerberg, has had—by any measure—a no good, very bad 2018! From the use of Facebook by the Russians to interfere in ...
Yes, Someday We May Be Saying the Same Things About Amazon, Google, and Walmart!
3 months ago
“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." —George Santayana “History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes.” —Mark Twain "It's like deja-vu, all over again." —Yogi Berra Hum...
What Does It Take to Be the "Best" of Companies Today?
3 months ago
As a management professor and consultant, one of the questions that is inevitably posed - whether in a class or in a company’s conference room - is a simple one: How do we - as a company - become bett...