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Professor, Consultant, Doer. Founder/Publisher of The IDEA Publishing (http://www.theideapublishing.com/) & Modern Business Press (http://www.modernbusinesspress.com)

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Walls Do Work!
2 months ago
It is nothing less than amazing! If you had to guess what was the top-rated, non-Trump News 24/7/365 network in cable television, most folks would say, "Well, I guess it must be ESPN!" However, for a ...
A GPS for Adulthood?
2 months ago
Every once in a while, you just run across something that simply makes you marvel. Yes, you kick yourself when you see it, thinking "Why didn't I come up with that?" But at the same time, you see the ...
What Is an Advertisement Today?
2 months ago
Like most of you hard working Americans, I am not "that person" who gets to spend their day laying on the sofa with a Coke and a bag of Cheetos watching daytime TV. My life consists of much more than ...
The Worst Quality Control Fail of All Time
3 months ago
When students ask me in my management classes if I have any career regrets, I don't go into a long rant over the things that coulda/woulda/shoulda happened over the years. No, as a strategic managemen...
"By Any Means Necessary?"
3 months ago
Sometimes, when casually scrolling through your Facebook feed, you just stumble upon something that makes you silently say—or sometimes verbalize out loud—a one-word reaction. Sometimes, that is a "Wo...
One Word: Digital
3 months ago
Ah, sometimes the future can be captured in one word. Much like in the famous scene from the 1967 classic The Graduate when Dustin Hoffman's character, Ben Braddock, is famously given one word as myst...