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Best Strap-Ons for Pegging
a month ago
Pegging is easily one of the hottest sex moves you can pull off on your man — if he’s into it as much as you are. If you don’t know what pegging is, it’s basically the woman becoming the dom while the...
This Year's Most Offensive Halloween Costumes Are Tasteless AF
a month ago
Everyone has someone in their family or community that is the epitome of poor taste. This would be the person who would make wearing socks with sandals look elegant. They're offensive, tasteless, and ...
Best Lubes for Anal Sex
a month ago
Anal sex is one of the only bedroom antics that has mandatory prerequisites for anyone who wants to enjoy it. You need to prep yourself and your partner before you go in. You also, above all, need to ...
16 of the Most Wished for Affordable Bikini Sets on Amazon
2 months ago
Amazon is one of the best places to go if you love to get bargain buys on fashionable clothing. As of right now, the monolithic online marketplace has become famous for having some of the most afforda...
Things Every Grown Woman Needs
2 months ago
For most women, life is stressful and very, very busy. In this age of doing it all, we might overlook some of the things that might make us feel better, help save time, and add a touch of style to our...
Best Sex Furniture for Couples
2 months ago
Sex furniture seems like the kind of thing you'd always expect to see in dungeons, sex clubs, and maybe one or two goth clubs. Believe it or not, much of the best sex furniture for couples can look pe...