Cato Conroy

Cato Conroy is a Manhattan-based writer who yearns for a better world. He loves to write about politics, news reports, and interesting innovations that will impact the way we live.

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10 Strange and Fascinating Animals That Live in Caves
3 months ago
Evolution has taught us that different environments will make creatures adopt different traits. The more similar two environments are, the more likely it is that the animals that live there will have ...
The Most Toxic Beliefs About Money People Have
3 months ago
The American Dream is one I very strongly relate to. It's a dream that means you can be the next major rags to riches story. We hear stories of people attaining the dream every single day—from Puff Da...
10 Smart Ways You Can Make More Money in Your Career
3 months ago
My partner and I were looking through our bills, our savings, and our investments yesterday. He had been yearning for some new equipment for his business, while I was desperately hoping we’d have enou...
Why Is School so Expensive?
3 months ago
It was a total of $15,000 a year. $15,000 dollars for a single year of college tuition and fees. At a public university in my home state. I wanted to go back to school to finish the degree I was going...
How to Improve Your Credit Score Fast
3 months ago
The other day, my spouse decided to take a look at his FICO score—and he was distraught. His score wasn't the high score that he hoped it to be. When he told me, he immediately thought he should call ...
10 Worst Car Insurance Companies
4 months ago
There's nothing worse than getting into a car accident only to find out that the car insurance you have sucks. Most people only realize how bad their coverage is after they have an accident—and incide...