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10 Things You Should Never Wear to Work

Even if you work in a casual environment, we can all agree there are things you should never wear to work.

By Cato ConroyPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

One of the harshest things about being an adult is realizing that you can't dress any way you want to dress and still be taken seriously. Sadly, it's a truth that everyone has to get used to, especially if you want to be gainfully employed.

When you're on the job, there are a lot of outfits you can get away with. Assuming you aren't working in a hyper-conservative industry like finance, you might be able to wear black leggings as pants, or to wear that one blouse with awkward polka dots on the cuffs.

While you might be able to get away with a little eccentricity in certain industries, there are definitely some things you should never wear to work. Here are some examples that just won't fly in mainstream work circles...

Some of the most obvious things you should never wear at work are clothes that are specifically made for the bedroom. Bondage collars, as well as just about any other fetish gear, will not fly in the workplace because it sends a really awkward impression.

While they may be incredibly stylish and awesome to look at, people might assume that you just don't have the right mindset for work if you insist on wearing them around the office.

There are many types of pants that work well on the job. If you are in construction, heavy duty overalls can work. If you are in an office, almost any wardrobe you wear to your a job interview will work well on a daily basis.

Casual offices may be alright with a pair of well-fitted blue jeans, but you know what they won't be okay with? Rave pants. They are too colorful, too baggy, not sturdy enough, and are generally affiliated with drug use.

Unless you work EDC or attend music festivals, you should not dress for work with these on your person.

Another major no-no in the office are platform boots. While there may be some boots that might be grey area to some, the truth is that these are things you should probably just leave at home.

That being said, you may be able to get away with wearing platform boots if you work at a bar. However, this is the exception to the office attire rule, rather than the rule itself.

Flip flops are wonderful, true. They allow your feet to breathe, give you a summery look to your outfits, and also just feel comfy. However, they're a bit too casual for them to pass as work-appropriate attire.

Even on standard "Casual Fridays," you will be hard pressed to find a workplace that allows you to make flip flops a part of your work attire on a regular basis.

Once upon a time, there was a brief moment where people thought that trucker hats were sexy and cool. We are thankfully past that period of time, and people have learned that trucker hats are really only best relegated to skate parks.

There's really no workplace to wear a trucker hat appropriately, even if you are a trucker. Why were these things even invented, anyway?

As cute as they may be, and as great as they are for weekend wear, the truth is that most graphic tees count as things you should never wear to work—unless you work at Hot Topic, anyway.

Graphic tees are very individualistic, and are generally considered to be hyper casual as a result. Even if the graphics are awesome, it's best to keep these to your off-hours wardrobe.

Besides, if you're really insane, those graphics might also reveal personal details you shouldn't share at work. No one needs to know you love RUN-DMC or ride a Harley, do they?

Don't get us wrong, athleisure has its rightful place in closets. It's comfortable, snuggly, and also works wonders when you're trying to get a workout. It also looks surprisingly put-together for clothing that's used in gyms.

The problem is, it's too casual for workwear. Sadly, most office attire dress codes will bar you from entering in a tracksuit.

When you're in the office, you should avoid showing too much skin. This pretty much outlaws backless tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, and other similar attire.

When in doubt, try to wear clothes that cover at least three-quarters of your arms, as well as the entirety of your back.

While miniskirts could look cute on a dance floor or on a hot date, do you honestly think that showing that much leg is a good idea? At work, the best dress is always going to be conservative wear.

Too much leg will not make you look like an edgy professional. It'll make you look like a caricature of the "sexy secretary," and that's never a good choice.

Jeans, in and of themselves, are not a bad choice in many business casual office settings, and are a staple in both women's and men's fashion. With that being said, they have to be ripless, glitter-free, embellishment-free, and in genuinely good shape.

Torn jeans walk over the line from business casual to overly casual. They might look good, but that doesn't mean that they are good for work. In fact, these are the some of the few things you should never wear to work if you want to be taken seriously.


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