Brett Tortorello

I’m a middle aged man currently working as a Shift Supervisor at Bob’s Furniture. I’m thinking about opening up my own restaurant some day, but my real passion is expressing myself through writing.

The 10 Best Exercise Bikes
3 months ago
If you've ever seen me in person, you'd realize that I'm NOT a huge fitness buff. I have chicken arms, a beer gut, and I think my mile time is somewhere around 15 minutes. While I've, admittedly, slac...
10 Ridiculously Funny Shot Glasses
4 months ago
I don't typically like to brag, but I really used to be able to pound down shots in my day. I'd even chase them with a nice, frosty cold one. "Tortorello the tank," used to be my old college moniker, ...
The 10 Best Goalkeeper Saves of All Time
4 months ago
As a child, I was always stuck in the goal during gym soccer because of my lack of athleticism, horrific stamina, and inability to kick a soccer ball. But hey, I could manage to get some lucky saves o...
10 Must Read Economics Books
4 months ago
Economics can be, admittedly, a pretty boring subject to casually read up on. Not everyone is a fan of how the US economy—or any economy for that matter—works. For those seemingly disinterested in the...
Top 10 Books Inspired by War
4 months ago
War is a dark cloud that has hovered over the shining sun of human's time on Earth. Between heartbreaking casualties, the burden on families, and the overall feeling of dread within the bleak trenches...
10 Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Cannabis Stocks
4 months ago
Investing your money isn't as cut and dry as it might seem to novice traders. Investment gurus like Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham didn't accumulate their vast fortunes from the stock market by si...