Brett Tortorello

I’m a middle aged man currently working as a Shift Supervisor at Bob’s Furniture. I’m thinking about opening up my own restaurant some day, but my real passion is expressing myself through writing.

Best Gifts for David Beckham Fans
6 months ago
A lot of people say I look David Beckham. I really don't know why, maybe it's my ripped core or my luscious head of hair, but I cannot begin to tell you just how many times I've been mistaken for the ...
How to Write a Good Photographer's Contract
7 months ago
As a longtime photographer, I'll be the first to say that getting into the photography business is no easy feat. In fact, it might be more difficult now than ever before. Thanks to today's technology,...
How to Find a Good Tutor
7 months ago
As a parent, I can't stress how important my children's education is—after all, the value of education is priceless. My one son is a natural scholar. He's into science, math, and even philosophy... al...
10 Ways Learning About Blockchain Can Help You Out
7 months ago
I'm far from an investing guru. I've tried my hand at a slew of different investment opportunities, with a varying degree of success. Whether it's real estate, cannabis, or just acquiring dividends fr...
Everything You Need to Know About Building a Custom Gaming PC with Corsair
7 months ago
Anyone that plays video games at a somewhat-serious level knows the importance of having your own custom gaming PC. If you're someone who likes the occasional game of Madden, or simply likes to play g...
We Tried Cooking with GoSun's Solar Grill & Here's What Happened
7 months ago
I can't even BEGIN to tell you the trouble I've gone through over the years in getting my family to participate in outdoor get-togethers. Whether it be picnics, cookouts, or camping trips, they just w...