Bradley Perry

A former police officer from N.C. and also a medical professional.  I write and have my own preparedness, security, and safety contracting and consulting firm.  We also use drones.  I also do blogs and have a podcast called The Blue View.   

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Social Media and the Public Square
6 days ago
Social Media has become a platform that most of us around the world have come to rely on for everyday news, and communication. The good news is it is effective at that goal. The bad news is, it is eff...
Charter and Private Schools Are Not Thinking About Violence
6 days ago
Allow me to start by clarifying my expertise in this matter. I am a former police officer and a medical professional. I have degrees in criminal psychology, criminal justice, emergency management, and...
The New Most Hated Class
7 days ago
There was a time in the history of this country when people felt safe and assured when there was an officer in their presence. When kids came up to us and wanted to be us, and their parents wanted us ...
The Slow Removal of the Family System in America
6 months ago
Many of the topics in this article are very controversial, so read with an open mind, please. Why have seemingly come to live in a world where being a family is less than a positive thing. It is sad, ...
Do People Realize We Are in Charge?
6 months ago
We have come to live in a world where we are beholden to the government. It should not be this way, the government should be beholden to us, but we have seriously lost our way in this country. Our lea...
What Do You Do When You Feel Powerless?
6 months ago
It's an exciting thing when you first put the badge on and take the oath to defend and protect. Your family is standing there, along with your chief and any others he has invited. Your significant oth...