The Real Reason the Second Amendment Is Important

by Bradley Perry 11 months ago in controversies

And it isn't about gun control

The Real Reason the Second Amendment Is Important

There have been many debates over the years for and against gun control and repealing or changing the second Amendment. Sure, most of them make valid sense. In fact, if you stop and think about it, 99.9 percent of the arguments make sense. There is just one thing that is being forgotten in all of the debating and political grandstanding. The second Amendment was never about gun rights. It was never meant to be for the total approval or disapproval of weapons types. It was, however, meant to be a deterrent to future leaders to not try to mess with the people. You see the second Amendment was never meant to be used as an all or nothing solution to an issue. It was always meant to be used to tell our elected leaders to watch themselves because the people are in charge and they can, and will keep you in check.

Fast forward some 240 plus years and we have a government and a populace that is all for giving up the right to keep our leaders accountable, and our land free, in the name of safety. Read through your old history books and you will see what our forefathers think of our rights to keep ourselves free. Thomas Jefferson said it best, "He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security. He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both." Think about that statement for just a second. Let it sink in. We have been given a blueprint on how to keep our country free, all we have to do is read it.

The goal here is not to beat a dead horse as it were, but to make you see things from a different perspective than you may be using now. We are human beings, and we react like humans. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but we must also remember we are where we are as a species because of our ornate ability to problem solve, and lead, not be lead. Though as the masses get younger and the generations get more and more dependant on the government, we are losing what makes us uniquely human. We have all seen, if we read history, what happens when a populace becomes complacent and disarms themselves. Whether by force or willingly, doesn't matter. When there is no threat to the powers that be, they will act as though they have nothing to lose, because they don't

There are countless examples of populations giving up their weapons either by force or willingly. In every single case, it has ended in genocide and tyrannical governments being formed. In Germany, Vietnam, China, and countless other countries, we have seen what happens when a government that goes unchecked is allowed to have unfettered power. Our founders didn't have a crystal ball to see the invention of automatic weapons, but they did foresee a government that could be corrupted, and they gave us the ability to prevent this.

By giving up our weapons, we have seen in the gun-free zones in our own country what happens. In almost all cases, the active shootings and murder rates have increased, and there is no one there to act as a savior when the shooting starts. As a former police officer, I have personally seen what can happen when one person with weapons is allowed to victimize a person with no weapons. It never ends well. The person with no means to protect themselves always leaves the fight with more injuries than the other.

Take personal protection away and get back to the corruption of our government. With no one to help keep the politicians in check, they can pass whatever laws they want and they will have no repercussions. We currently have a government that would love nothing more than to be completely unaccountable to the American people. The big tech companies are also colluding with the politicians and others to circumvent the will of the people. Washington is biting at the bit to disarm the people who are the biggest threats to them and their power.

The bottom line is we were given instructions on how to keep America free, and what to use to do it. We are ignoring those instructions and we will have no one to blame but ourselves if we lose our republic. Our leaders have become ever more intent on disarming us so they can have absolute control. They know the only means we have to stop them, is the ability to defend ourselves and our families against them. If they take that right away, they are left unchecked and uncontrolled to make the USA a truly dirty and scary place to live.

The 2nd Amendment was not created to ensure we could own any weapon we choose or to continue to hunt, though that was part of it. It was created and should be revered and followed because it is our sole responsibility to use it to keep our nation the freest, greatest nation on the planet. The second amendment ensures we will continue to be free and our elected leaders will continue to be honest and remember who they truly work for, the people. We already have politicians trying desperately to cancel as many rights as they can to stifle our voices and our liberties. If we lay down and roll over and allow them to take the one right that keeps us free, we deserve what we get!

Bradley Perry
Bradley Perry
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